Friday, December 19, 2014

Sam Is Befuddling

Rusty & Buddy
BUDDY:  Okay, so I'm totally confused.  Are we or are we not going to do a post today?

RUSTY:  Yes, I have the same question.  Are we going to do a post today?

MERCI:  Of course we will do a post today.  It's the Mousebreath interview we are postponing.

MARCUS:  Okay, got it.  No mice are being interviewed today because they all have bad breath.

PERCY:  Where did you get that idea, Marcus? You've been here long enough to know Mousebreath is an ezine for cats.

CAMERON:  I think Marcus has been eating too much stuffing from the bed in his crate.  It's affecting his brain.

CYNDI:  We did do a holiday post at Mousebreath today.  It just is not an interview.  We will resume those in 2015.  Right now everyone is running around headless.  

MICAH:  I think you mean everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

CYNDI:  Why would I ever say that?  It sounds kind of gross.

MICAH:  And running around headless doesn't sound gross?

SAM:  It's Christmas.  Can we be less bloody and more cheerful? 

BUDDY:  Of course we can.  How about if we talk about how fortunate it was we confused our days and finished our Thursday post Tuesday because  we thought it was actually Wednesday?  (If you missed it - Today Is Wednesday.)

CYNDI:  Yes, that was fortunate.  Because on Wednesday the computer went berserk again and ...

SAM:  We have no idea of why but Jan connected the backup drive so she could do a backup.  Sorry, I don't mean we have no idea of why Jan connected the backup drive.  I mean, we have no idea why the computer went berserk.  As she was preparing for it, things got strange.  No, she wasn't preparing for the computer to go berserk.  She was ...

CAMERON:  Never mind, Sam, you're just becoming more befuddling.  Jan thought rebooting the computer might help, but when it started to shut down, Windows got confused and crashed.

RUSTY:  Then nothing worked.  All she got when she tried to start was the message a hard drive failure was imminent, to back up her work and replace the drive.  How does one back up work when Windows won't load?

MERCI:  Jan was just about to panic when she realized the message was not for the new hard drive.  (Our original one failed in October and was replaced. We were offline for a week.)  It was the backup drive with the problem.

MICAH:  It was a scary afternoon, but after she disconnected the backup, she was finally able to get Windows to repair itself and reset itself to an earlier time.

MARCUS:  So we were back up and running but Jan spent the next hours backing up unsaved data on DVDs.  

PERCY:  Yes, we were very happy we had a post already written.  Sometimes getting your days confused works out for the best. At least in this case it did.

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  1. Those compawters are so confuddling!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. You all sure know how to make us laugh! We hope that nobody is really running around headless! MOL!
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and also wishes for a computer-trouble-free year ahead!

  3. Oh Dear Jan and our Mom have had such a bad time with computers! We were hoping most of that was behind them both!!! Purrs

  4. I love you writing style, it's hilarious. As for computers...yea they usually suck.

  5. So far pawppy is able to figure out issues we might have here...except fur unfurbro the elder...he never can get on our WiFi, MOL/BOL!

    Confusers are so annoying sometimes...

  6. Holiday schedules get me very confused too gang!

  7. Holiday schedules, computer issues are sometimes lots of trouble!

  8. OMC! We're glad you got the computer problems worked out.

  9. Yum, headless chickens - doesn't that mean they're going to get cooked soon?

  10. Crikey ...... you got people running around headless and computers going berserk ...... no wonder you're confused, aye??

  11. Yes it seems like there are a lot of strange goings on this time of year! And lots of confusions with dates. We will know when Santy Paws comes tho rite?
    Thanks for coming by our bloggie to take the time to say your kind words about Beau Beau. It seems to be the time to learn about letting go for us. It just happened so quickly we are still in shock. I guess it's supposed to mean that things will open up to make way for new things. Hoping 2015 will be better.

  12. Mom is running like a headless chicken on a hot pan....... got the picture?
    Happy Cat Family

  13. We hope for you that 2015 will be the Year of No Computer Problem ! Purrs

  14. UGH to computers!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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