Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Cyndi and Merci Stunnyfarmer

Merci:  Wow, we are walking on air today.

Rusty:  Why?

Cyndi:  Because someone finally sees our true beauty.

Marcus:  How would one do that?

Merci:  We received an email addressed to Jan Stunnyfarm today.     

Cyndi:  It had to be addressed to us girls.

Merci:  Imagine.  We're now the Stunnyfarmers.

Sam:  You're nuts, you know.

Cyndi:  Why? 

Cameron:  Because the email was addressed to Jan.

Merci:  Yes, but it was sent to our email address.

Cyndi:  And everyone knows guys aren't stunning, girls are, so it was addressed to us.

Micah:  Did you happen to notice where the email was located?

Merci:  No, who cares where it came from?

Percy: You should.  It was in the spam file.

Cyndi:  I wonder what it was doing there?

Buddy:  It was in the spam file because it was selling Viagra.  

Merci:  Oh, we must have overlooked that.

Cyndi:  Hey, guys, you won't tell anyone about this, will you?


  1. That's so funny! Yes, we get some of those silly emails, too.

  2. Silly! We don't even look at our spam...but we don't think anyone thinks we're stunning! LOL.

  3. OMD OMD OMD that is sooooooo funny... the little Blue Pill... the gift that KEEPS ON GIVING...
    WAIT.... Why are WE laughing? We had one from them about 87 days ago..

  4. Sometimes the spammer make good comments to us also and then we use it against them...we are shallow like that.
    stella rose

  5. Hey, the ladies are always stunning. No matter where the email came from.

  6. MOL MOL You have mommy cracking UP here. She's shaking me off her lap!

  7. Good grief! It's the pill that keeps giving no matter what file folder it falls into! :p Too funny!

    We (think!) fixed the comment area and removed the robot blocking step. Thanks for trying numerous times and leaving your comment. We have your holiday card on our sidebar now. Thanks :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Oh my that was too funny!
    Mom got her new laptop and it connects to the internets just fine! Now she has to go through and set it all off.

  9. For a moment there, I thought you guys were getting a new name!

  10. MOL! Buddy spilled the beans! But seriously, y'all are stunning to us...

  11. hehe!!! Glogirly says she misses the days when spam was just a can of sweet meat. ; )

  12. guys....ewe can use thiz ta yur ad vantage....wanna raiz hell.. go ahead coz now ewe can blame it on ale ee uz...stunnyfarm ♥♥

  13. Haha! Those spammers try to sell it to me too but mum said I don't need any little blue pills.

  14. MOL! Um, yes, boys ... best not to speak of this ever again! :D

  15. OMC!!
    Good thing we do not have girls here...wait, meowmy is a girl...Oops!

    MOL, MOL!!


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