Friday, December 26, 2014

Reindeer Run

Percy:  We hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day yesterday.  We had a quiet one.

Merci:  Yes, except for Jan using words on the no-say list when she discovered facebook had added a public by default "life event" in September she wasn't aware of.  She wasted two hours of her life going in circles to make that disappear.

Rusty:  We have some fun photos for you today.  Jan took them at a Reindeer Run event last Saturday.

Micah:  We, of course, were not invited, but Jan did describe what occurred.  These two young ladies were part of the team that won the best costume award.  They all wore those cute little skirts.

Marcus:  And I've been told no Christmas event is worth attending if Santa isn't there.  He was.

Cameron:  A Reindeer Run would be incomplete without an actual run.  This was the starting line.  The man in yellow pushing the stroller came in second.  He must have practiced a lot.

Buddy:  An ambulance is always on the scene for a public event.  Jan has known Joey for years and years and ....

Cyndi:  You'd better stop counting years, Buddy, or Jan is going to be very upset with you.

Sam:  You know when the furries appear, Jan has to take a picture. 

Merci:  Doesn't the little one look cute with his face painted? 

Micah:  An after race rest.

Buddy:  Yes, another dog, another photo.

Percy:  And where there is a dog, the children gather.

Sam:  Another happy face-painted subject resting after the big race.

Cameron:  One of our local police officers.  Jan said she danced with him.

Cyndi:  She didn't exactly say she danced with him, Cameron.  She said they were weaving back and forth.  He was trying not to photobomb the picture, but he was actually the intended victim ... I mean, subject. 

Rusty:  I think there were a lot of children who slept well Saturday night.

Marcus:  And a number of adults who moaned and groaned all night after too much exercise. Wimps!

Buddy:  You'd better not let Jan see that comment, Marcus.  She was one of them.

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  1. That sure looks like a mighty fine time, but y'all really should have went along!

  2. JAN..... DANCED with the PO PO?????? WOW that must have been fun.
    We like how everybuddy was dressed up... FUN TIME.

  3. What fun! Wishing you Happy Holidays and the very best for 2015!

  4. Oh the Reindeer run looked like a lot of fun!!!

  5. That looked like fun and good weather! Quiet holidays can be the best :-)

  6. What a fun event!!! We just love the costume winners' tutus!!
    Dory, the Birthday Girl

  7. Gosh it looks like you had a great after Christmas Day. Looks like a lot of fun. We had a quiet Christmas. We wish all of you at Jan's Farm a very Good Healthy New Years. That is including beans too! Thanks for stopping by.

    Cleopatra and Mom

  8. Crikey ...... Jan danced with that policeman bloke????? He looks like he was about to draw his guns, aye?? Everyone looked like they were having fun!!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful event ~ and the perfect opportunity to burn the Christmas calories ;-)

  10. Well, if there is a "run", we spose ya havta run. But that seems like a lot of werk ta US. Is the a sitting contest?

  11. What a fun run to participate in!

  12. We sure hope all those aches and pains are all over by now! Meowmy says she often finds muscles and bones she has furgotten about, MOL!!

  13. Great time and so much fun to participate ! In Geneva, swimmers go to swim in the lake a few days before Christmas, and they have funny costumes too !


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