Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Buddy: Today is Veterans Day in the US.  We're very late posting our tribute but it's all the cats' fault.

Percy:  Whoa!  What do you mean it's the cats' fault? 

Buddy:  Well, Jan was waiting to post pictures until after today's local Veterans Day Observance.

Percy:  And?

Buddy:  And when she downloaded the pictures from the camera, she discovered there were no pictures, only videos.  Mostly of her hand, the keys hanging around her neck, upside down people ... things like that. 

Percy:  Guess that explains why she was mumbling about the camera acting weird today.  But how is that our fault?

Buddy:  Because after Jan found she could only capture very small stills from the videos,  she declared the day a CATastrophe.  And we don't have any pictures to post today.

Percy:  Okay, so you can spell.  But this is not our fault.  It's Jan's.  Totally Jan's.  Unless you dogs want to take the blame.

Buddy:  Oh, no, we didn't have anything to do with it.

Percy:  Yes, you did.  When Jan checked the camera, there was only room on the card for 2 more shots, so she changed the setting in order to delete them all.  She didn't realize she'd changed the setting to video. 

Buddy:  There are no dogs in that story, so we're innocent.

Percy:  No.  She jumped up to answer a phone call about her ride and then let you guys outside to pee before she left.  You distracted her. 

Buddy:  Oh, well, it looks like all us dogs and cats are completely in the clear then.  The evidence proved it is all Jan's fault we have no photos to post today. 

Percy:  In that case, why don't we just have a verbal post today?

Funny Farmers & Jan: A big thank you to all our veterans for their service.


  1. Hehehehe that sounds like something our Mom would do. She just got a new camera and she's experimenting with it, on us, can you believe it. GOOD MEWS on Boo. Mom is beyond happy!

  2. Our tails are high ta salute all the veteran Beins!

    Too bad about the pictures, but it obviously isnt the fault of you cats OR dogs...

  3. Yup, Jan's fault. Mums try to blame us if they can.
    I thank the veterans of both our countries for keeping us safe.

  4. Paws up for our veterans! No paws for the camera snafu!

  5. It is never too late to salute our Veterans! We love all of our heros!

  6. You are sourly you have a cat to blame it on

  7. Thanks to the veterans for all they do.
    Sue B

  8. *cough* CATastrophe? HARRRUPH! (heeee)


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