Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weruva Rap

PeRuCaMiCy?  MiCaPeRuCy? No, we aren't stoked on nip. We were trying to see what we could make from the first two letters of our feline names.  We tried different combinations but none of them make a word - or even any sense.  But Stacie and David  put the letters of their rescued cats' names together (WEbster, RUdi, VAnessa) and named their cat food Weruva. And we got to taste test some of Weruva's Cats in the Kitchen food.  It's made in a human food facility  Did we like it?

Cameron (Note to Blogger:  Cameron is NOT a purple tuxie.  He is black!)
Cameron: Ood?  Yef, lishus.

Oh, sorry Cameron:  Guess we should have waited till you finished eating to ask.  But we think you said,  "Good?  Yes, delicious."  Is that correct?

Cameron: Mmmf.

We'll take that as an affirmative.

Weruva Mack, Jack and Sam

We had an opportunity to taste test some Weruva Mack Jack and Sam grain, gluten and BPA free cat food in a pouch.  It has salmon, mackeral and skipjack tuna for high quality protein, in gravy.for hydration.

How does it taste, Percy?

Percy:  Ask me later.  I'm busy eating.

Okay.  Cyndi?

Cyndi (Blogger, SOBER UP! What have you done to Cyndi's lovely coat/color?)
Cyndi:  I think the fish is great.  But look at what Blogger did to me.  Jan doesn't take the greatest photos but I don't look like this and  Cameron isn't purple.  We have  uploaded the two photos several times and each time we look weird.  Halloween is over, Blogger! 

Rusty: This fish is really good.

Micah: I'm cleaning my bowl.  Do we get seconds?

Sorry, there isn't any left.  But it sure was good.  We all liked it and ate every bite.

And after we finished eating,we laughed over their video, "Weruva Rap - Keep It Simple, Keep it Safe"

If the video doesn't play, click here

Chewy.com has a variety of Weruva cat food.

We were provided with sample pouches to try but we were not paid to write this post. Any opinion expressed is our own.


  1. So have any of the pups tried to eat it yet?


  2. We love Micaperucy! LOL! Take care

  3. I think the food look's very jummy !

  4. Looks tasty lol, they seem to be enjoying it a whole lot! Great post!

  5. I'm foaming at the mouth over here. All looks so delicious.

  6. And here we thought Cameron had decided to go for the "goth" look and tied his fur purple. :))))

  7. Yay! Glad to hear it's BPA free. Kitties and pups deserve clean food, too! Thanks for letting us know! - Crepes.

  8. MOL to the video!
    Obviously no one was ready to take their head out of the bowl even for a picture ;-)

  9. meowloz ta everee one at "Cape Mirucy"

    ewe guys just mewved two a resort island in de south seez !!!!

    de foodz bee lookin grate N de fact it bee fish ...AWESUM !!!!

    ther videe oh iz prette rockin two !!

  10. We reviewed our Weruva today too - and loved it!

  11. Glad you liked your noms. I still think Weruva is a funny name.

    Our food would be: Romian ... or Miroan ... or Anromi. Actually I think Romian is the best.

  12. Yummmmm!

    Purple khats!!

    Bet that means Boysenberry!!!


  13. That food looks and sounds great, gang! Blogger's color choices ... not so much!

  14. Cute video. Sure looks good. You are the second blog I have been on today that said it was good stuff. Will have to have my kitties try it.
    Sue B

  15. Someone at the natural pet food store here recommended we try Weruva with Jewel. It looks like you all liked it, so maybe we'll have to give it a try!


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