Friday, November 01, 2013

Mario da Werking Cat

Percy looking for noms

Percy: Excuse me a minute while I finish searching this box for noms. There must be some somewhere. Jan hides everything. Can't imagine why! Just because a few years ago I found all the hidden cat and dog treats and didn't share them, Jan thinks I'm going to do it again. I've matured, Jan. Give me some credit.  And a few bags of treats!

Okay, there's nothing here.  Time to get back to the post.

We were fortunate to snag an interview with Mariodacat from Mario's Meowsings for Mousebreath, the ezine for cats written by cats.  He is also a good kitty role model because he has a job and he werks (yes, that is spelled correctly.) every day.  He's a very handsome,  popular and busy kitty, so we were lucky he could make time for us. 

Pop on over to Mousebreath to read The Werking Feline ... Mariodacat.

We're joining Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop #13.  .Why don't you go by and join too?


  1. I search boxes a lot looking for stuff. Since the blog happened, I score like a 40%. What's your average? - Crepes.

  2. BOX hunting is HARD. BUT sometimes QUITE rewarding. Just sayin.

  3. a grate interviews guys...we enjoyed reedin it N meetin a new pal...hope everee one haza grate week oh end, chillax N eat plentee oh pie :) !!!

  4. We're gonna go right over and read it, Mario is a fantastic kitty, and so is his Mom!! She's not a kitty,but she's fantastic. :)

  5. Boxes? We don't need no stinking boxes!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.


  6. We love our pal Mario and we are headed that way!

  7. Great interview!! We learned some new things about our friend, Mario :)

  8. We just love Mario! And Oui Oui is Chief Box Inspector here. She does a great job searching for hexes and curses, making sure they are constructed properly and safe for the other kitties to use.

  9. Love Mario! Thanks for sharing with the Pet Parade. I see my kitty's are not the only mischievous ones around. Lol, Percy!


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