Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lots to be Thankful For Thursday

Merci, Sam & Buddy

Merci:  We missed Thankful Thursday last week, but we have a story for you this week..

Sam:  A couple of nights ago it was cold and windy, so when we walked Jan, she was rushing to get home and she got in too big a hurry and lost Buddy.

Merci:  We tried to stop to eat some - Jan calls them berries, a neighbor calls them seeds.  Whatever they are, they drop off a tree and they're tasty, so we try to stop to eat some but Jan usually keeps us moving.  That night, it was already dark and Jan said we had to keep moving so we didn't freeze.

Sam:  So we did.  We tried to tell her something was wrong but she just kept walking faster.  For some reason when we reached the corner a block from home, Jan suddenly decided she wanted to do another short lap and did a rapid about face.

Merci:  And got a good scare because there was a loose dog just a block away following us. She tightened her grip on our leashes and realized one of them was missing.

Sam:  It was too dark for her to see what the dog looked like but she took off as fast as her old legs could carry her, yelling, "Buddy ... Buddy ... Buddy!"   We covered half the distance before Buddy raised his head, looked around and asked, "How did you guys get lost?  It's a good thing I found you."

Merci:  And he came trotting toward us, bawling Jan out for wandering off while he was eating.  And Sam kept repeating, "I tried to tell her.  She wouldn't listen."

Buddy:  I don't know what Jan's problem is but she gets in more trouble when I'm not around.  I thought we'd all stopped to eat.  Next thing I knew, Jan had wandered off with Sam and Merci and gotten lost.  But I saved her.  Sam and Merci too.

Sam:  Oh, pish tosh, we didn't need saving.  Well, Jan always needs saving.  She's a human.  But Merci and I were fine.

Buddy:  You tell the story your way, I'll tell it mine.  In the end, we're all thankful Jan is okay.  What would she do without us?

Rusty:  Okay, so you dogs are thankful Jan was lost and found again, but we're ALL thankful Jan didn't blow up the house last night when she turned the gas space heaters on by herself.  She needs help to light the pilots at the beginning of the season, but with the temperature expected to go down into the twenties again tonight, she got brave.  We're not sure who was shaking more, us or her.  But we have heat.  And we all survived.

Cyndi:  You might remember a couple of months ago Lou from HH & the Boys (Bugsy & Knuckles) painted a portrait of each Funny Farmer Feline.  There is more to the story now, but we'll let her tell it. 

Percy:   We were so happy we were teary when we learned what happened with the portraits.  Lou is a talented painter.  Take a moment to stop by and read about her surprise.

 Cameron: We're the feline part of a family, so we're glad we're all staying together and our handsome faces are making someone happy.

Micah: Stop by HH & the Boys to read Funny Farmer Felines are a Big Hit in New Hampshire.  (Aw, gee, we always hoped we'd be a big hit somewhere.)

We're joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at PepiSmartDog.  And while you're there, check out the new look of his blog.  It's looking good.

And the This 'N That Thursday blog hop at2 Brown Dawgs Blog.


  1. guys can't let her out of your sight for a second. glad you found her and she didn't blow up the house (and mom muttered something about thank cod we don't have to do that here).

  2. ooowooooh Buddy that was a close one! Cyndi we saw the post over at HH's blog another BIG WOOOP for that that was astonishing good! and we are so glad everyone got heat last night! :)

  3. Not much scarier than losing your owner, one way or the other. Glad to hear that Buddy found you, Jan, and that the lighting of the pilots was successful!

  4. How scary! I'm glad everyone is home and warm safe and sound.

  5. geeze louise our mom is always getting lost also and hers only works two blocks from our homes, sometimes we are just wore out looking afters her glad you founded her and hers was safe.
    stella rose,maggie and gussie

  6. total lee way awesum yur HH paintings all getted ta stay two gether guys....N merci, sam N buddy....ewe pupz knead cell ewe lar dee vizes sew if that happens again ya can call jan N say...guess wear eye iz !!

  7. Yikes - I'm sure happy you found Jan. Dang humans always taking off on us. If they would just slow down and listen to us, things would be okay. I saw HH's bloggy this morning. That was such exciting news. You guys did good!

  8. Thank goodness whoever was lost, it turned out great. You are all together again. Maybe mom should be on a leash and you guys could walk her that way she wouldn't get lost again! :o)

  9. Well I am thankful you all found each other. Love the painted kitty pictures. Great photo of of your doggies together too.
    Sue B

  10. Me is thankful that you found Jan and got her home safe !

  11. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY BUDDY.... She could have gotten PEEP KNAPPERED or hit by a Chunk of Space Junk. WHEW we are so GLAD that you caught her in time. Peeps just HAVE NO SENSE. Thank Dawgness fur Walkin Strings.

  12. Yikes!! That is way scary!! Being lost is not fun

  13. What a wonderful blog post and I love that they kitties are all represented by their paintings. Wonderful..... Love it Jan and kitties, too.


  14. Thanks s much for participating in TNT! Whew I am so glad that Jan was found. Eating always gets me into Also thanks for posting about Google+. Google+ and I can't be friends because it won't let me comment in the name of my blog. It is unfortunate when I come across a blog that uses it for comments because then I can't leave one.

  15. WOW! Found is always the best news though!

  16. Yikes, we is thankful you found Jan, Buddy! Beans cannot be trusted to manage things on their own.

    Stay warm efurrybody!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  17. Thanks for hopping onto This N That Thursday this week! Woof. You can hop on soon for the Thanksgiving special edition of TNT on 11/28. See you then!

  18. Oh wow, that is a crazy story! I'm glad Jan found Buddy -- or vice versa, maybe! :) Off to go and read about your portriats!

    Hugs to you all, dear friends.

  19. Oh my Cod, well thank goodness you found Jan quickly, Buddy...good job! We were so happy when we read what happened with your portraits, that is awesome. We really liked all your folks is a good looking group!


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