Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buddy is Nine

Buddy:  Why do I have to sit here on a stool with this stupid dunce cap on my head and my eyes closed?

Percy:  Hold on.  We're setting up a surprise.

Buddy: You know I don't like surprises. 

Micah:  Unless you're giving them.

Buddy:  Yes, that's true. 

Merci:  We know, but you'll like this one.

Rusty:  At least we hope you will.

Cameron:  Don't worry, Rusty, he will.

Cyndi:  Ta da!  Open your eyes now, Buddy.

Buddy: Oh, it's my birthday? And you got me a present?

Sam: Of course we got you a present. You're 9 years old today.

Buddy: Wow! No wonder you had me wait on the stool. This is a big present. What could it possibly be?

Percy: Um, we're not really sure.  We collected the change out of Jan's wallet last month and sent it off to a place in Whiskerconsin and told them we'd like the best gift our money could buy.

Cyndi:  We thought it could only buy you something small. Go ahead . Open it.  We'd all like to see what you got.

Buddy:   Okay.  Sam give me a paw unwrapping it.  Oh, guys, you shouldn't have.  Sam, I can't quite reach the bow.  Aaaaaah!  *crash*

Merci:  Oops.  Poor Buddy.  He's out cold.

Cameron:  We forgot Buddy is a klutz.  We should have known he'd get excited and fall off the stool. 

Rusty:  Perhaps we should have skipped the stool and just had Sam open the gift for him. 

Micah:  Shouldn't we call someone - Jan, 9-1-1, the police, an ambulance?

Sam:  How about we put a pillow under his head and a blanket over him and cut his cake?

Percy:  Sounds like a plan to me. 

Funny Farmers: Happy Birthday, Buddy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Buddy. Phantom shares your day but he has a few years on you. Hope you have a fun day and a great year ahead.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. I bet Buddy you are very very wise at nine years of age. Happy Birthday Buddy, enjoy the day!!!
    stella rose, mags, and gussie

  3. Happy birthday, Buddy! We hope you have a great day...once you recover. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! (hope he comes too before the cake is gone)

  5. ::jumps out of box:: TA-DA!! um where is efurryone? isn't this mine Dr Buddy's purrfday party? ME hadded to go from NOO YORK to WHISKERKONSCIN to get in the box.
    BUDDY?? BUDDY??? Paging Dr Buddy - HELLO? Happy Purrfday? ::sneaks plateful of cake out from under Buddy's paw:: um, you gonna eat dis?


  6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Buddy. Happy birthday to you...

    Birthday hug,


  7. Happy Birthday Buddy we hope you have a great day with cake and hugs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Happy Birthday Buddy. I do hope you come to enough to enjoy your special day. I can't wait to see what was in that big box - and to think it came from Whiskersconsin!

  9. Happy Birthday Buddy..I love suprizez :) xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Happy Barkday Buddy.

    Thank your for your kind words about Great Auntie Essex.


  11. Happy Birthday, Buddy!
    Don't let Billy steal all your cake!

  12. Happy Birthday dear Buddy. Love and hugs Carol xx

  13. A very happy birthday, Buddy! Looks like it's quite exhausting!! MOL xx

  14. dood...fess up...waht DID ya get...catz bee curry uz ya noe....anda way awesum happee birthday two ewe N herz ta 90 mor...heerz two best fishes, biscuit cake N burgers all round !!! enjoy an haza lotz oh fun; hope yur mom getted ewe a 2014 mer say deez car in dark tan with reel leather seetz !! ~~~ :)


    We see you have a KNOCK OUT of a day PLANNED fur you.

  16. A very Happy B-Day to you, Buddy!

  17. A very big happy Birthday to you Buddy! That was super sweet that the FF's got you a big surprise! We hope that you are given all kinds of special treats and toys all day!


  18. Happy Birthday, Buddy. Hope there was something wonderful in that box!

  19. That was exciting. Happy Birthday, sweet Buddy!

  20. Well, Happy Purrrrthday . . . Nope, that doesn't work.

    Happy Grrrrrrday . . . Nope, could be misunderstood.

    We give up. Hope you had a nice burthday, Buddy, and that you woke up in time to get some if your own cake.

  21. Happy Birthday Buddy. Have a fun filled day.
    Sue B

  22. Happy Birthday Buddy. Have a great day.

  23. Happy Birthday Buddy! I hope you get lots of extra treats and even more love than usual! Once you come to of course...

  24. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Buddy!

  25. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Buddy!

  26. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, dear Buddy! We love you, pal, and hope you enjoy your present when you wake up. :)

    Big hugs!

  27. Theese one is a good one! You Funny Farmers crack us up! Happy Birthday Dear Buddy! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for ya bigtime there Buddy and hope that you woke up quickly from theese "incident" and that you liked your pressie!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy!!! I'll share some of my tuna with you for your special day!

  29. Happy birthday Buddy ! Glad to see you had a great day, and lot of treats ! Purrs

  30. Happy Birthday! Sorry you had to wear a stupid hat. Humans like to make us look the fool. I would shred it if I was you. But glad you got some great treats!


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