Thursday, June 06, 2013

Funny Farmer Funmobile

Hi, Merci here, with today's Thankful Thursday post. You kitties might think this a bit strange but me, Buddy and Sam are thankful for our Funny Farmer Funmobile, even if Jan forgets to take us with her any more.  Other dogs will understand how much we love it.

This photo was taken before Sam came to live with us, the day Buddy tried to practice for his driving test so he could get a license.  I'm the little redhead.  Do I look nervous?  Well, I was!  You can tell how excited Buddy was by the look in his eyes?

This is what our Funny Farmer Funmobile looked like nine years ago. It's nowhere near that good-looking now since it's a 1987 model. Guess in car age, it might be older than Jan. (She's elebenty-hundred-six and creaky.) Well, it used to be when Miss Mother was alive and we dogs used to ride in style every day to visit her.  Sometimes a kitty would get to visit too.  We usually only get to go to the vet in it now, but Buddy, Sam and I have been trying to convince Jan she needs to start taking us out again on occasion so we can have some fun.
But when Jan started the engine yesterday, smoke poured out the exhaust.. The consensus of opinion is it blew a head gasket, which would cost hundreds of dollars more to fix than Jan has.  She says the entire car probably isn't worth that much.  A mechanic said he will come out next week to see if the problem really is a head gasket or something less expensive to fix.  All of us are hoping for the something less expensive. Much less expensive, please!  :)

So what is there to be thankful for after Jan tried to blow up our Funmobile?  Well, first of all that she didn't actually succeed.  :)  But mainly that if this had to happen, it happened in our front yard where Jan didn't have to have the car towed (yet), and she didn't have to hike home, with or without the groceries she was supposed to pick up for us.. 

Yeah, guess there's a silver lining even in an unexpected white cloud.  Just like there was one the day Buddy practiced driving without moving the car.  If he'd had the car key, he would have practiced for real.  And, you might not know this, but that dog is DANGEROUS!  Don't believe me?  Read The Driving Lesson for yourself.


  1. Looks like the "fun" has gone out of the Funmobile! Paws crossed that it *won't* be costly to repair.

    Our human doesn't have a car, something she used to whine about for years, but for which she's now very grateful, as it just costs too much to run one. Makes errands and shopping more challenging and time-consuming, but at least our small city has public transit!

  2. Yikes! Now it is the NoFunMobile fur sure!

  3. So sorry to hear that the Fun Mobile has the Sickies..
    Paws crossed that it will be a quick and financially Painless fix up.

    Maybe it has WORMS... I had those once... and they cause ME to have exhaust problems too.

  4. bee glad ya can get in de car N bee looze...everee time we gotta get in de car we iz caged.....we leeved ewe a commint on yur drivin post...mite take a minit ta get ther tho coz commints wuz lookin for abe bull :)

  5. Whew what an adventure.
    We all hope it's no gasket and can be inexpensively fixed up for Jan and all the Funny Farmers!

  6. At least you got to sit in the car for a bit
    Benny & Lily

  7. You guys are cracking me up (rofbmto - rolling on floor barking my tail off)

  8. We'll keep our paws crossed for the Funmobile! Happy thursday! xoxo

  9. Awwww this is a first for us but we are purring and praying for your lovely Funmobile!! Awww such memories for you all!!! We so hope this fine vehicle is going to be ok!! Take care

  10. I hope your funmobile can be fixed for less than your Mum is expecting. You look very cute and expectant in the car. Shame about your groceries.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. My mum is still getting the hang of this blog stuff, so I'm sorry you couldn't find the information you needed. I am a boy, but I guess these days, a name like mine could be for a girl or a boy. I'm excited to see what this meet and greet is all about. Hehehehe!

  11. Hmmm, maybe one of you can become a car repair dog or kitty.

  12. Uh oh. It sounds like the Funmobile is not so much fun right now. WE are purring and praying that whatvere is wrong with it is less expensive.


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