Monday, June 03, 2013

Island Cats Swag

Hey, it's me, Rusty, with some exciting news.

You might remember the Island Cats recently held a giveaway for some of the swag their mom brought home from BlogPaws.  We were very excited when we were notified we had won. 

Friday the package arrived.  There were a couple of toys, some yummy kibble samples, some treats, a bottle of pet medication and something for Jan.  Yep, she gets the bottle of odor eliminator.  Not for her personally, for the house.  Don't know why the house would need it, unless it's because Jan's been sweating so heavily.  Our litterbox certainly doesn't have any odor!  Maybe it's the dogs' feet?

Jan opened the box on the washing machine in the kitchen.  Micah has been living on the dryer, so he was first on the scene.

And Cameron was second.  This is a first for both of them.  Usually Percy and / or I are first on the scene to investigate incoming packages. The contents smelled so appealing, Cameron rubbed his scent on the box to claim it.

The usually reticent Cameron tries hard to chew into a sample kibble pack. 

Micah does a double take as Percy arrives on the scene. Although Percy seldom tries to bully him any more, Micah goes into high alert state. Cameron is too busy trying to grab some nibbles to notice.

Cyndi shows up and totally ignores the guys and the box of goodies.  Instead she poses for the camera and waits for Jan to open a package to share among us.

Where was I during this?  I was helping Jan take pictures so we could get a taste of the goodies sooner.

Thank you for sharing your swag with us, Wally, Ernie & Zoey.  And thanks to their lady with the yellow hair who mailed the package.  

PS -  Quinn won our recent FURminator giveaway and she posted about it yesterday.  Her mom must be very happy she likes her new brush since Quinn is long-haired.  You can read her post here.

Merci's coat was so thick this year Jan couldn't even get a rake through it.  But Saturday she finally managed to "FURminate" Merci.  You should have seen the handfuls of hair blowing around the backyard pen.


  1. What a lovely package from bloggie pals! Yay!! Awww enjoy! Take care

  2. We hope you enjoy all your swag...'specially the odor eliminator! ;)

  3. What a great package of goodies - we know you will love everything.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Your mom is silly. I'm not all that long furred. Just very furry!
    And I really like my Furminator! Mommy has a light touch and it's like scritchies all over, and who doesn't like scritchies?
    Cyndi you are a very sweet kitty, posing and waiting for treats, but make sure everyone SHARES!

  5. Boy Howdy... you scored some MAJOR SWAG there!!

    We think that odor eliminator stuffs is to ward off the scent of SQUIRRELS.

  6. Wow! You are lucky. Look at all that loot
    Benny & Lily

  7. What a fun box o' swag! The Island Cats got way more cool stuff than I did. Concatulations on winning it!

  8. Swag makes the tails wag, hooray!!!

  9. this bee way awesum oh wally N ernie N zoey ta sends ewe this swag guys....we hope ewe getted ta try de salmon treetz furst....

    R salmon radar eye zoned in on that package like rite off !!!

    enjoy :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. Pawsome swag!!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. That is some terrific swag, Funny Farmers! Congratulations, and enjoy! :)

  12. MOL at the odor eliminator!! Brilliant booty. I am sure you'll enjoy it all :)


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