Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be Safe, Dry and Warm

Hey, Merci, Sam & Buddy here. The felines will be back on Friday, but we wanted to say we hope you all had a great Christmas with lots of family, friends, love and laughter.  Or maybe one like ours, quiet and cold ... we mean, cozy.

And we don't want you to forget what handsome dudes and a dudette we are. 

We're sorry we can't get around to visit as often as we like.  You know what a computer hog Jan is.  So we try to visit different blogs so we spread our handsomeness around.  But we are amazed at the number that are still turning on word verification.  Inevitably, we go by to leave condolences or well wishes and we can't leave a comment.

When humans invite other humans over to visit or to share a meal, they don't lock the gate and then issue an invitation, so the poor sucker ... um, guest has to climb a 6' fence to reach the door.  No, they want the guest to feel welcome, so they unlock the gate and throw open the door to greet them.
So how come so many blogs are inviting readers to come by and then when they click "publish," SURPRISE!!  Up pops word verification. This is one mean time consuming unwelcome mat!

We know we've said it before... and before ... and before.  But it bears repeating.  And as long as no one speaks up, Blgoger's illegible word verification will continue to spread.  So, if you have a problem with it, don't just battle through to leave a comment.  Help those who can't read it by speaking up against word verification when you leave a comment.  There are other ways to stop spam!

There is a lot of severe weather in the US, so everybody and their furries be safe, dry and warm!

Oh, and we almost forgot -

For those of you who enjoy poetry, we met a non-pet blogger the other day you might enjoy.  The blog is called Today Someone ... and it's written by Doreen Hardie of South Africa. She writes lovely inspirational poetry and articles but hasn't had many visitors.  It's a shame to let such talent go unnoticed, so we hope you will stop by and say hello.


  1. We so agree with you about word verification. The last one we experienced was impossible to read so after two tries we gave up and are determined never to go through that again.

    It takes such a short time to get rid of a spam comment and such a long time to use WV.

  2. Yep, the word verification is so difficult. Everyone that has it should try it on someone elses computer to see what it really looks like!

  3. Ah! Word Verification - the bane of my existence. Half the time me can't read the numbers!

  4. OH YES... the numerals are WORSE than the Letters FUR SURE. I just saw one of our furends who had not posted in over 6 months... they probably don't even KNOW about WV being on their comments. I wish it would all be made EASIER.

    Hope you had a super super Christmas.

  5. Momma screams at word verifications
    Benny & Lily

  6. Kitties are back on Friday ? What they up to ? Thiis is suspense !!!!
    If anything they do involved with Prawn or Lobster. Please let me know...I really wanna join ; )

  7. Word Verification is a real pain! You're right about visiting a blog, writing a nice long comment, click PUBLISH and there staring at you is Word Verification. Blargh.

  8. The idea of people climbing over a six foot fence sounds pawsome. At least you would know your guests wanted to see you. BOL.

    We understand both sides of the fence. The spamers can be really annoying, especially when you get about twenty or thirty a week.

    Essex & Sherman

  9. We hate that word verification too and have noticed there seems to be a bit more again. We don't allow anonymous comments and anything over 4 days old has comment moderation. We can't remember when we last had a spam comment for blogger to catch. We hope we haven't tempted fate by saying that!!!
    We have more of a problem of blogger sometimes putting our friends comments in spam, but we check there every couple of days and "unspam" them.

  10. well, OK, for dawgs ewe guys are kinda kewl...bein dawgs N purrhaps we will toss sum t bones on de grill two dee um ore well done ??!!

  11. pee ess...we canna post on your friends blog "today someone"....

    it said we bee annie mouz N annie mouz iz knot a loud ???

  12. Thats how we found out my mom is really a robot cos she kept failing those tricky robot tests after we would leave a was a hard day for us but it explains alot!
    stella rose

  13. Yes, word verification on Blogger is the WORST. And, you are right...there is no need. If people are really worried about spam, they should just do comment moderation. And, as you said, most of the spam is caught by the spam filter.

  14. Mom has run into some blogs recently that are still using WV and she wanted to say something but they had just lost their kitty so she didn't want to say anything upsetting.

    I don't understand why anyone would use it these days because like you mentioned there are other ways to make sure spam does not get through.

  15. Cozy Christmases are the best!
    Glad to see you furriends!

  16. Hey Jan and the furries!

    We dropped by to greet you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  17. I hope you have a very happy New Year my friends! woo woo woo!

  18. Hey JFF, Jet here. Hi Miss Jan.

    Mom always thinks it's her eyes that cannot read! We use Wordpress, so, we didn't understand why some blogs have it and some don't. We agree, it's not much fun, however, we try to bear with it.


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