Sunday, December 02, 2012

Meezer Mom Jan and CB

Graphic by Karla of Miss Peach's blog.

We enjoyed the Rocky Mount Meezer blog which was written by Jan Struckhoff. She hasn't been posting much for a long while but last night the news came from Facebook that Jan died very suddenly Thursday, leaving behind a husband and three cats - .Sabrina, Sam and Simon. 

Graphic by Zoolatry.

You are welcome to use either or both of the above graphics.  Ann and Karla made them and are sharing them.

There is no post on her blog and there likely won't be but she was a part of the blogging community and we'd like to honor her life with a post.  Her family and friends are remembered in prayer.

 Jan was upbeat and happy, but according to Facebook posts she was depressed and hid it very well.

We mention the last statement because the past couple of days there has been some controversy on the Cat Blogosphere. (We're not going to mention name or blog.  That's irrelevant to this post.)  It's not the first time and likely won't be the last, but usually it's because someone gets their feelings hurt, lashes out to hurt the feelings of others, can't be reasoned with, and won't apologize. .

With the news of Jan's death, our perspective on the controversy changed.  Is it possible that when the blogging controversies occur, the upset person is depressed, discouraged, scared of something happening in their own life, perhaps having a pity party because they feel overlooked or an outsider?  When Jan gets discouraged, she sometimes gets .... hmmm, how can we put this?  Ah, the "itchy" word - witchy. 

We hope the CB controversy will end on a positive note because Mog is doing her best to cope with learning a new job after being conscripted while ML is on hiatus.  And none of us intended to ignore or hurt anyone's feelings.

We wonder if the CB problems arise as a cry for "help" because the angry person is discouraged and needs a hug and some positive attention?  (We're asking, not making a statement.)  If so, which response to negative emotions gets the best results - to hold everything inside and pretend everything is fine or to lash out in anger?  Neither works. We lost two bloggers in one day - .possibly one to each extreme.  Both are loved.

If the one wants to return to the CB at some point, we'll welcome her back.  After all, we are here to support one another during good and bad times.  Forgiveness is part of support.

But Jan Struckhoff, we will miss you. 


  1. Very, very sad and we will miss the Rocky Mountain gang. I think Mog is doing a great job, humans need to lighten up and have some Nip.

  2. Oh I so agree with Brian. This blogging is supposed to be fun and not full of controversy. We are so sorry about the other Jan passing away. We did not know her but it sounds like she was a wonderful person.Take care.

  3. We're with Brian too. That was a beautiful post. It made us all leaky eyed again. We are so shocked and saddened by Jan's passing and very unhappy about the "cat fight". We love the CB.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  4. You've expressed how we feel perfectly, Jan. We're very sad about The Rocky Mount Meezers mom, and are purring and praying for her family.

    And we think Mog is doing a really great job, too.

    Thank you all.

  5. I was so shocked and saddened when I learned the news about Jan; what a tragedy.

  6. Jan what a great post you have given us here. I love the CB..and I needed every word of comfort that the CB gave me when Admiral died. I was bereft and frankly I still get tears when I think of her.

    I am grateful for the love and support we give one another here on the CB. I am grateful to be a part of it and I am grateful to Mog for her work.

  7. Thank you for your wonderfur post Jan! Momma is so furry thankful for the CB, she doesn't know how she could have made things work over the past few years without it. We knew Jan and her meezers, they won a contest we had and thought of them often after she stopped blogging. We are furry sad for her and her family.


    I agrees with Brian, give them hoomans some NIP. MOL

  8. hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i did not no the other jan but i am sorry to heer of her sudden passing it is always sad wen sumwuns spowse or frend or relativ or pet has to go away tail wags go owt frum us to the other jans family and frends!!! ok bye

  9. Lovely post about Jan - she will be missed by many. We never know what is really going on in another person's life - some hide things well and others lash out - kindness is the answer to everything. That's what we think.

    cats of wildcat woods

  10. Perfect post, made me all leaky eyed, even the comments. I hope we can forgive and forget and, yes, welcome back if they so choose to return. The CB community is a wonderful group. Let's keep it that way.

  11. We didn't know Jan and we didn't realise there's a fight going on either. Maybe we should get out there more often?

    We prefer to have fun but if someone needs help, asking is the best way to go about it. Cats are pretty supportive, and so are their people.

  12. Blogging is supposed to be fun and we are supposed to be a community... but I guess the community part means that personalities get upset sometimes. Still, I think that humans need to grow up and get over stuff when it happens - the Cat Blogosphere provides a service, for free, and nobody who gets the job of keeping it up is ever perfect. It IS just a bunch of cat blogs, after all!

    That sad, the news about Jan was so very sad. I did not know her, and I didn't know her blog that well, since it was updated so infrequently for a while now. My purrs go out to her family - I know they must be suffering a lot right now.

  13. Me is so sad that Jan has passed. We did read her blog, but with a great many other blogs we reads, we did not post often. It is difficult. and personalities is difficult. Kozmo and me fights all the time, so me thinks peoples must too.
    We also is furry good at opening our mouth and putting our feets in it and hurting other peoples when we did not mean to and alas, people can carry resentments.
    we sends kisses and purrs to everybody

  14. Great post! Our mom tends to be the kind that holds it in and she usually suffers medically because of it. This group is a very supportive group.

  15. Bast, we NEVER really know what is going on... Sometimes we feel like the farthest planet, last to know.

  16. What a lovely post...we hope all beans realize that life is too short for bickering.

    It's been a pretty tough year for a lot of us in the CB & we don't know what we'd do without all of you,

  17. Thank you dear Jan for this wonderfully worded capture the spirit that was intended to fall into place for so many of us and you penned it well.
    With much love from the cozy cottage we thank you for your precious friendship over the years...XOXO

  18. A great post, Jan. It took two very emotional events and you handled them with sensitivity and caring.

    We love the CB, too, and everyone in it. Hope bygones can be bygones at this point.

    Life is way too short. We miss Jan very much.


  19. Well, said. There is something called PDA, frowned upon in some places (Public Display of Affection).
    Here, I think PDA stands for Public Display of Anger. Most inappropriate for any blogger.
    Blogs are NOT the place to whine, complain, have hissy fits or
    cat fights.
    The Cat Blogsphere has probably at least tripled since we began in
    2007; it is impossible to keep up with and comment on everyones page.
    MOG has done a fabulous job of managing the CB and should be complimented roundly. It is both difficult and time consuming and
    speaking from some personal experience, many do NOT send complete information when submitting news. The CB is done
    voluntarily. Most of us have, or should have a life beyond blogging so time and energy is only wasted when spent on those "hissy fits".
    As for when/where/how/what should be posted ... if there is a blogger that would like to see it done differently ... well, they can get out there and do it, one can "start" a new website anytime they want.

  20. So sad. We will miss Jan and are sending lots of hugs and purrs. We love CB and are so thankful we found it. We can't raise our paws enough to those who do all the work and who participate. We've met fantastic people there and will always cherish them. Purrs for a happy resolution for all from the thankful crew at

  21. we have learned that people come and people go, and people get hurt and hissed off and it all blows over. that's the werst part of blogging (like we said in our innerview wif you). but people are people, they are not like us. if we get hissed off we swat a couple of times then take a nap and forget it happened.
    we will miss Jan so much - we were there for the then st louis meezers ferst post and we loved them at ferst sight.
    this was a great post MomJan. Thank you!

  22. Hi all, I'm Joyce Heilich, Jan Struckhoff's sister. I am on Facebook. I found out about this blog, and would like to know about the controversy re the December 2 post here. Please, I am begging to find out what happened to my sister. If Jan of Jansfunnyfarm, or anyone else can help shed light or provide information, I would be so grateful. Please contact me confidentially at Thank you in advance for anything you could tell me. God Bless!


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