Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Sharing Crunchy Duck Chews

Hey, it's the 3 Droolateers again with a tasty post.

We were fortunate to have opportunity to taste test some Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Chews for the Baby Patches Tester Team.

As usual, Jan had to read the label first.  They are 100 % natural and will help clean our teeth and help our gums.  They are made in the USA.  There are no artificial preservatives, coloring or fillers.  So Jan is happy. 
But what we consider important is how they taste.

First the sniff test.

Sam:  As soon as Jan laid the package on the step to take a picture, I was right there giving it a sniff over.

Buddy:  And I was right behind him ... um, on the step over him.

Sam:  I'm first, I'm first, I'm first.  (Did I mention I'm first?)  Crunch ... crunch ... gulp ...gone.

Buddy:  This is my good side. Hurry up and take the picture. 

Merci:   Gee, Jan, can you be any slower?  Take the picture!

Buddy:  I wasn't going to eat mine near Sam.  He would be breathing in my face and dripping drool on my paw.

Merci:  The crunchy duck chews are about 4 1/2" long.  Can you see it sticking out of the side of my mouth as I hunt for a safe spot to eat mine?

Sam:  I get seconds, I get seconds, I get seconds.  (Did I mention I get seconds?)

Buddy:  Oh, good, I get seconds. 

Merci:  I will not act like Sam.  I will not act like Sam.  I will be calm and aloof. 

Excuse us a moment, we need to have a discussion.  Mumble, mumble, mumble.

Okay, we have a unanimous decision -  they are yummilicious!  We each ate 2.  That's 6 gone and 6 left in the bag.  We vote in favor of Jan giving us the remainder of the Crunchy Duck Chews before they disappear.  (You know how humans are.  Let them sniff a good snack and they'll eat it while you aren't looking.)

Thank you, Baby Patches of Nip and Bones, for providing us with these delicious Crunchy Duck Chews to taste test.  We really enjoyed them.

Buddy & Merci:  Sam wanted to eat the whole package himself but, fortunately, Jan made him share.


  1. Any truth to the rumor that Duck Treats quack you up?

  2. My goodness, what a yummy good time you all had!

  3. KNOT BURD GUYS......

    knot BURD.......

  4. OMC! You all looks so cute and you really enjoyed them chews huh. Glad Jan likes them too cuz how healthy they are. Thanks for the pawsome review my woofie furriends.


  5. Mmm those look good!!! Mind sharing some more ;) BOL!
    Teddy xxx


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