Monday, December 17, 2012

Memorial, Mickey and Mark

Hey, it's me, Micah.  Jan teases me that this is what I do 75% of the time - sit in front of an emptied food bowl waiting for a refill. I say she exaggerates!  It's only 65% of the time.

But I can't help it. I was hungry for so long and hiding under the bed from Percy takes a lot of energy.  Yep, Percy still hates me.  He doesn't attack me as often but he still hunts me.  Jan sometimes brings me out near the computer during the day, where I huddle or sleep till she takes me back to my room or Percy sneaks up and sends me back into hiding.  I'm not sure if he picks on me and Cyndi because Rusty picks on him, but Percy hasn't been very popular around here these last 2 or 3 months.  He definitely should get coal in his Christmas stocking!

We added this candle graphic to our sidebar Friday but would like to put it in a permanent post as a memorial to those who died in this horrific and evil mass shooting in Newtown, CT on December 14..  We can not begin to imagine the pain the living are going through today. So many young and innocent lives lost, plus the adults who tried to protect them from the shooter.  Our prayers are with them.

Here is a Reuters news story on How to help Newtown school shooting families.

We were sad to lose the handsome Mickey Mantle, beloved brother of Jeter Harris, over the weekend.  R.I.P., Mickey. 

We recently posted We Love Happy Stories  about Not Your Mother's Book ... On Dogs, co-created by Kathy Baker because our friend, Mark has a couple of stories in the book.  Mark sent us a copy for a Christmas present, and first thing, we read his stories. 

We can't wait to read the other 58 stories, but we know you will love the personal stories of "Big Red" and "Hunter,"  both written by our friend and Texas animal rescuer, Mark Crider. We cried happy tears!  or  Barnes & Noble .

Nope, this isn't a review.  Nor an ad.  We just think this book would make a great Christmas present for animal lovers of all ages. And be sure to read Mark's stories first.  :)


  1. Micah, that is a great photo of your sweet face. I'm sorry that Percy is picking on you. Maybe over time it will ease up. I sure hope so.

  2. Actually empty food bowls are no fun!

  3. Poor Micah - and empty food dish and getting picked on. That is no fun what so ever.....

    Sounds like an interesting book

  4. Micah , I agree with you that a food bowl shall be full with food all the time !
    I mean that you can hear on the name :)
    Sorry to hear that Percy is picking on you :(
    Hope he will behave better soon !
    We where very sad when we saw on the news about the mass shooting in Newtown :(

  5. My dogs have an annoying habit of scooting their food bowls across the floor to wherever I am when they get empty. It does work.

  6. Awwww Micah!! We just know that Percy will love you eventually!! Yes he will!! Take care

  7. I think its time for a snack for ME!

  8. micah, we R sorree ta lurn bout yur pal mickey....

    and if ya think percy mite bee gettin sum coalz for christmas, itz like de most awesum gift...we love gettin coalz coz it sears fish ta purrfection...knot ta menshun steaks N burgers two !!!

  9. Micah, 65% is a decent showing, WE think!

    Purrhaps Percy'll get coal in his stocking cuz he's still tormenting you while you get loads of nip and stuff, then he'll hafta be nice to you to get himself some! Yeah...

  10. ((Micah) We are sorry Percy is picking on you. Ping does that to all of us around here sometimes, so I understand how you feel. He tries to pick on me but I give him my Manx attitude and he stays away but Boo is another story. We are speechless about the events in CT. There just are no words. Sadness everywhere. We were also sadden to see the Mickey went OTRB. Saying purrs

  11. I shove the empty food bowls all over the kitchen floor... ~ IZA

  12. Thank you so much for visiting our blog and for showing us such care and concern. We love you, furriends.

    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Micah, don't feel bad. Sammy and Moosey do the same thing around the food bowl. :)

    So sad about Mickey Mantle, and about all those innocents in Newtown...

  14. Michah we are sorry that you're being picked on! Sherlock has been picking on Traveler a lot recently and we think it's because he's been getting more treats ;)

    Our hearts go out to the families and all those lost in Newtown, what a tragedy :'(

  15. Hi Micah! We haven't met you yet, so here's a belated Welcome!

  16. Sweet precious pictures of kissable babies. Mommy made me say that! Mom? You love me, right?

  17. Sorry to hear about you getting picked on Micah. Hopefully you'll get more in your stocking to make up for it! My Mommy want to thank you guys for your comments about when I was missing and when I came home! They meant so much to her.

  18. Sorry that Percy is still after you. I was hoping that he would get used to you and find something else to do.
    So said about the children, teachers, and administrators. So nice that you will leave your graphic up as a tribute. That is a good idea and think we should do so at the TCC and I too will do at my place.

  19. Oh Micah, we are glad that things are a bit better between you and Percy and we send good thoughts your way that it will improve further. Thank you for your great e-card, we don't have an e-card. We love your Christmas header and as usual that Samaritan makes us smile with his antics! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with lots of goodies and we wish you all and Jan a 2013 filled with health, joy and prosperity!

    Clooney & Neytiri


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