Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cyndi Dances and Farewell Junior

Hey, Merci here.  We almost didn't get to post our fun news today but Jan finally relinquished the computer.

Our quiet and introverted Cyndi has spread her wings and .... well, she can't fly.  But can she ever dance!  Yep, we were surprised last night to find our Cyndi has been keeping a secret.  Skeezix put together a holiday dance team and she joined without telling us

Stop by and watch her ... uh, we mean watch them.  Cause she's dancing with the famous Skeezix, Chey, Jeter Harris and Max (the advice column dood on Mousebreath).  So go watch them in a JibJab video at Happy Holidays from the Mousebreath Dancers.  (And dig those hairdos.  hehehe)

We were all hoping Junior would be home with his family before Christmas and whatever he had would be treatable.  But it wasn't to be.  Farewell, Junior.  {{{hugs}}}, purrs and pawtaps to your mom from all of us.

You're welcome to use the graphic if you want.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful graphic. This breaks our hearts. We saw Cyndi in the video earlier. She can really "cut a rug"!

  2. Dang, Cyndi ... we never knew! You're a regular Ginger Rogers. :)

    So sad about Junior. We are purring and praying for his mom. We can only imagine.

  3. Oh dear we hadn't heard about Junior. Poor things.

    Listen, we're off for a few days. Enjoy Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

  4. Wow! THat was Cyndi!?! Can she ever cut a rug!

  5. Poor Junior and his parents. My heart goes out to anyone and everyone suffering the loss of a best friend. We are too.


  6. Wowsers...those cats can dance! :)

    So very sorry to be hearing the news about Junior.

  7. We're sure Cyndi really can cut a rug! We'll hasta go over and watch!

    We're headed over now to give purrs to Juniors humans....

  8. Go Cyndi go!!! Were are just so sad about dear Junior.

  9. Wow Cyndi you really do know how to cut the rug!!! LOL
    We were so shocked to hear about Junior, we were sure things were looking good and then...he was gone. We are very sorry to hear this.

  10. This is such sad news :'(

  11. oh wow! cyndi can really drop it like its hot!! hips dont lie for sures tee hee!

    we are sad to hear about junior but we have sent notice to the bridge and junior will be greeted by the fearless five

    pibble sugars
    Brinks and Bella

  12. Awesome video! We giggled a lot.... until we read about Junior. Very sad.

    Momo & Pinot xo

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  14. Happy Birthday Cyndi and we are thrilled about your dancing.

  15. Merry Chrissymouse to all of you, Cats and Beins and Woofies!


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