Friday, December 07, 2012

Team Tabby, New Badges and Late Cards

This week we have Team Tabby as our special guests. 

Be sure to stop by Mousebreath to read Moe, Mindy, Cookie & Mike a.k.a. Team Tabby.

We're very happy Ann of Zoolatry is going to spend the holidays  with family.  She's so good about helping us spread the word on the interviews, even though she is extremely busy.  After we started doing the interviews, she surprised us with our first FFF badge and a special one for those we have interviewed. Thank you, Ann. We have so enjoyed using your graphic.

But we need to make a change.

Jan made us a new badge to reflect that Micah is now part of FFF. Our dear sister Cotton will always be with us in spirit.  The "I was interviewed by FFF" badges have also been changed.

On a different topic, we are receiving some lovely cards from bloggers and we're embarrassed cause we're late getting our Christmas card created and ....  you guessed it! .... it's Jan's fault.  She' been working on everything except our e-card.    Okay, so she decorated our blog and the Tabby Cat Blog and she made us new badges for our interviews. And she's given us a little computer time to do our interview. But, hey, if she can't keep up, she should skip a daily nap or three.  Oh, wait, she doesn't take naps.  That's us.

Guess we're going to have to wait till she can get to it.  But we're going to whine a lot until then.


  1. We'll go check out the interview.

    And we think, in the spirit of the holidays and all, you need to cut Jan some slack. :-)

  2. Sorry Farmers, but we disagree.
    Us hu-moms are very deserving of naptime ... frequent and long
    are the best!
    Cute badges, great interviews, as always.
    Now we have to "go back" and comment on the interview since we
    forgot the 1st time around ...
    sigh. Happy weekend ahead.

  3. A great interview and we learned a lot of new things about Team Tabby.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. love the badge..... and your interviews are always great.

    mom is late doing our cards too - something about not finding the right picture and then having to order them and then....whatever :)

  5. Your new badge is awesome! :)

    We understand about the cards. Good thing we're doing electronic ones, otherwise the mom and dad woudl not get them out until around Groundhog Day.

    We'll go and check out your interview now. :)

    Hugs, and have a great weekend!

  6. I can't wait to read the interview!

    My human is an even bigger slacker than yours - she never got around to making a physical card to send out! In fact, she still hasn't gotten around to the eCard! Says she has had "artist's block" - yeah, right!

  7. You are the best interviwers and they are all fabulous.. Love the new badges.. Mum has been so slack with helping me visit and I missed the exciting news.. So sorry and welcome sweet one.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. The Tabby Cat Club looks great.
    Off to read your new interview.
    You always do such a good job!


  9. meowloz micah !!!!!! n never thinkz ewe whine two much, ore knot enuff ore ya can't, ore like itz to earl lee in de day or even itz de wrong day.... coz thats what kittehs due....whine.... coz its meow spelled upsides down but ya gotta haz 3 dee glasses ta give ta yur purrson ta see it....

    hay, we hope everee one haza grate week oh end....


  10. Very nice badges.

    The lady just got her snail mail cards today. She still has to send those out. She can't imagine making an e-card, too!

  11. Will check out the interview over the weekend. The mom is a slacker here, what can I say.
    Really like your new badges. Glad Micah is participating in the interviews.

  12. I can't wait to read that interview, they are a cool bunch!

  13. You guys do the best job with your interviews! It's cool that sweet Micah is taking part too!

  14. Your mommy sure sounds busy guys! We love the new badge with Micah in it!


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