Monday, July 02, 2012

Prezzies from GJ

Back in mid-May, at what we then thought was a low point (ouch, if only we'd known what else would be happening around here), we received a package from Ginger Jasper and his mum in the United Kingdom.  It cheered us to know someone was thinking of us, so we opened it and found -

Pictures of GJ.  The one on the left is a magnet and the other a card. They are both posted on our fridge. (You remember Mr. Nekkid Cold Box?  Well, he hasn't been nekkid since some of you helped dress him a while back.)

There were some edibles in the package for all of us.  A bag of salmon and a bag of chicken Dreamies for us kitties, plus a fun toy.  Mini Bones and cheese flavour treats for us woofies.  Oh, and on the upper right is a box of melt in the mouth chocolates.  Or so we were told.  Not even a teeny morsel had opportunity to melt in any mouth other than Jan's.

There was also a pop-up pet house which Cotton immediately claimed as her own.   (This is the last photo taken of Cotton.  She passed away 3 weeks later.)  She really loved the net pet house.

Thank you so much, Ginger Jasper and Mum Carol.  We have enjoyed what you sent.  And your timing was good too.

The last few months have been hard and we've barely posted, so today we had a complaint (their word, "complaint") from Au, Target & Guido: "We haven't seen pics of all of you in AGES! Pleeeeease."

Okay, for all 3 of our adoring fans, we'll post a couple of photos today and try to get Jan to take some new photos of us soon.  She takes them at the shelter but acts like her camera is broken around here.  We'd whine that she doesn't think we're photogenic but we know it's because the shelter animals have such a short time to be adopted or rescued, so they take precedence.  But, still, this is our blog and some photos of us would be nice.

 This is the lovely Miss Cyndi peeking out from a chair under the table.

Here we have Merci, Rusty (in basket bed) and Sam. The reason you're looking at their butts instead of their faces is because Jan was too lazy to walk around and photograph the correct end. But Au, Target & Guido merely asked for photos.  They didn't specify which end should be in them.  (Technicality.)

If you haven't stopped by to read the Funny Farmer Felines' Mousebreath interview with Nicki & Derry of Fuzzy Tales, we hope you will do so.  We will have a new interview posting Friday.


  1. Aw, what a lovely package from GJ and his mum! If our human could have gotten to those chocolates, Jan wouldn't have had any to eat herself. :-)

    And it's great to see photos of you, butt-first or face-first. LOL.

  2. Yay for such a brilliant package from wonderful GJ and mum!! Awwww enjoy! Take care

  3. What kind people! I’m sorry Jan had to eat all those chocolates though. I bet she really struggled with that!! ;)

  4. I LOVE GJ. He is one Cool CAT fur sure.
    He really did send you some super stuffs.

  5. That was very lovely of GJ and his Mum to send all of you such a fantastic package. We miss you posting too and we are glad to see a new one pop up in our Reader today.

    We are just glad to see you!

  6. You were very welcome and so glad they helped a little. Loved seeing Cotton in the tent and so glad she got to enjoy it.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. What a lovely package. We love those pics! We'll take whatever "end" we can get! MOL! Happy Monday, furriends. xoxo

  8. GJ and his human are such giving, awesome beings. That was a great package - how nice that Cotton had that pet house to enjoy!

  9. What a lovely surprise and it doesn't surprise me a bit as GJ and his parents are tops.

    I loved seeing precious Cotton again and the others as well. I have missed everyone.

  10. How very wonderful and such thoughtful gifts! See, everyone loves JFF!

  11. OMD, what an awesome package ya'll gotted! Treats are always great to get...even if ya'll didn't gets none of what Jan had. And what a cool little house too...RIP Cotton.
    I understand Jan has her heart in a good place helpin' withs da rescue...pat her on da back fur me please...but It's always nice to sees ya'll cuz ya'll makes me laugh. And sometimes I even fall off my chair...and then pee.
    Oh and tells Rusty I do loves a laundry basket, they is so comfy.


  12. MOL! OK, next time we shall specify butts or faces!

    Nice package from GJ! And Cotton looks so sweet in that pic. We miss her.

    Nice butts!

  13. We all get prezzies! You get amazing goodies and we get your adorable...bodies???
    This comment is rated for children.

  14. What a great package you all received from GJ!

  15. What6 great presents from GJ and me is happy to sees pictures of yous (even if it is your back ends!)

  16. What a lovely gift! GJ is a great guy! Purrs!

  17. GJ is awesome, I love that you got presents! There is nothing better than presents to cheer you up and I love that there was foodables for everyone :)

  18. Oh Wow, that is so great that GJ sent you those goodies. They are the bestest family. We had one of those tents and we all loved ours. We did read the interview with the Fuzzy tails and it was terrific. Glad to see some of you in the pictures. Have a Happy Fourth.

  19. That was so very pawesome of GJ to send you such wonderful gifts!! And it was so great to see Cotton's last photo. We know you must miss her so very much....

  20. Mom Carol and GJ are the bestest! We hope things are starting to look up for you.

  21. That was so sweet of GJ and his mom to send the package. We sure hope better things are coming to you now sweet Jan. Love the pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. What a nice gift. I do hope things has settled down now and very nice to see you again!


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