Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Escaping Chihuahua and Shelter Pets

Oh, we just have to share this funny video with you.  We figure this is the dream of every shelter animals so in that regard it relates to today's post. But who cares if it doesn't relate?  It made us laugh so we'll post it.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

These are pictures of the dogs and one cat Jan posted to Petfinder and put on the rescue list for the shelter today.  This is an unusually short list.  You can find them on the Upson County, Georgia Petfinder site. They are all friendly, sweet and energetic.  There seems to be something about being released from a cage that energizes an animal.

Hart Brothers
Catahoula Leopard Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix:
Medium • Young • Male
1 tan & white male Lab mix puppy. 1 male Catahoula mix puppy. Very energetic and playful. Came in together. Owner turn in. Need home or rescue ASAP!
Pet ID: 12-1138, 1139


Pit Bull Terrier Mix:
Medium • Young • Male
Male brindle pit mix. Young, friendly, energetic. Available for adoption on 7/27.
Pet ID: 12-1140

Wirehaired Terrier Mix:
Small • Young • Female
Brown & white female Wirehair Terrier mix. Loves attention. Lapdog. Needs a good home. Available for adoption on 7/26.
Pet ID: 12-1127

Sexy  (Actual dog's name.  We didn't name her)
Pit Bull Terrier:
Medium • Adult • Female
Female black & white Pit Bull Terrier. Loves to ride. Very sweet. Friendly. Available for adoption on 7/27
Pet ID: 12-1137

Wild Bill
Pit Bull Terrier:
Medium • Adult • Male
Black and brindle male Pit Bull Terrier. Loves to run. Energetic. Available for adoption on 7/27.
Pet ID: 12-1134

American Shorthair:
Small • Baby • Female
Baby black & white tuxedo kitten. Purrs and kneads a lot. Very loving and sweet. Available for adoption on 7/27.
Pet ID: 12-1135


  1. Just makes our heart flutter.


  2. That video is great! I love the woofies and want them all in forever homes soon.

  3. Haha. That video was great! I was cheering that little guy on. How sad when he got stuck in the gate and the other dog escaped! Then, euphoria when he freed himself from the gate! :)

    Thank you for taking pictures of those sweet woofies and kitty, Jan. Those pictures will really help the adoption process. We have our fingers and paws crossed for them all.

  4. Too funny!!!

    I loved how the Chihuahua kept staring at the gate prior to skhampering off!

    As fur those great pikhs, I'm getting my app ready fur the last one ;-)


  5. So THAT'S how they escape! Too funny!

  6. HaHaMeows! That video made our Mommy laff and snort! We send purrs fur those lovely furbabies to find furever homes fast!

  7. LOL what a video! Poor baby. As for your rescues? Mama sat here and went aawwww a lot. I think she particularly liked Chloe. She said Chloe was like a black and white version of my gray and white. Babies are always cute, so I am not offended. But I think if there was a way for mom to get Chloe she would!

  8. Help. She's still thinking of Chloe. Glad we are in Minnesota and don't have a car!
    Let us know, if you can, what kind of furever home she gets to go to. Mom? Dad? Both? Siblings?
    See, she's obsessing. Like when I adopted her....

  9. Purring that they all find their perfect forever homes!

  10. Oh that gorgeous chihuahua!! Oh my stars!! Glad it didn't get stuck! What a determined little boy! Yay!!!

    Awwww these darlings deserve good homes!! Take care

  11. I think the last one is the winner in the cute stakes! Sadly, the pit bulls would be put down here!

    I admire the determination of that chihuahua!!

  12. Oh Jan
    I do hope all those doggies and kitteh find loving ,cawing homes. Thank you fow the laugh. Loved it
    Smoochie kisses


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