Friday, June 29, 2012

Hedda Hopper of Cat Blogging

Our Funny Farmer Felines' interview with Nicki & Derry of Fuzzy Tales is now published.   Stop by and learn more about these two handsome mancats. 

We feel like the Hedda Hopper of the cat blogging sector.  For those of you who don't recognize the name Hedda Hopper, she was a famous Hollywood gossip columnist.  Of course, we never gossip; we just get the news.  And no humans are allowed to read Mousebreath, so any secrets revealed remain with the furries.

ML 's Aunt Dorothy  had a stroke Tuesday night and is in guarded condition.  ML traveled there Tuesday to check on her aunt who had fallen and possibly broken her arm.  Even though her aunt is confused and doesn't recognize her yet (see CB comments), we imagine ML is very glad she arrived in time to be there for her aunt.   ML, you and your Aunt Dorothy are in our thoughts and prayers.

The other day the famous khanine Khyra asked on her blog if there would be khake for Jan on Tuesday.  Well, there were going to be little tuna and nip cakes for her but we couldn't find a can of tuna.  Seriously, there wasn't a single can of tuna in the house.  So we took a nap instead. Serves Jan right.  We would have made her a cake without any carrots in it.  Sure Jan loves, loves, loves carrot cake, but no self-respecting cat would eat it.  The woofies, however, are a different story.  They'll eat anything.  Even carrots.

So Wednesday night at a pot luck before Bible study, Jan had a cake.  Jan says we should thank Karen for her.  (Seriously, do we look like Jan's secretary?  She's supposed to be waiting on us.)  But, thank you, Karen.  Jan really appreciated it.

But next time we hope you will make it from tuna and catnip instead of carrots and fruit so we can have some too.  Yum, tuna and nip cake.  Anyone know a good bakery nearby where we can pick one up and bill Jan?  Typing this has made us hungry.
Jan said she hasn't had a birthday cake since she was 21.  Let's see.  She's 106.  Subtract 21.  That equals ... wow, at least two centuries!  No wonder there are no lighted candles on the cake!  The building could have burned down.


  1. Mama loves carrot cake, too! I personally think the frosting is better!
    How could you be a real household of cats (and dogs, I suppose--yes, I know) AND NOT HAVE TUNA!

  2. off to read your newest report....

    too bad about the cake though - sounds delicious (the nip and tuna version - not the carrot version)

  3. Going reading now! Have a great weekend everyone!

  4. you guys are too funny. nip cake sounds good. the mom made her own purrfday cake monday. it's funny our the mom's purrfdays are one day apart

  5. Mmmmmm, cake sounds yummy. I like cake or cookies. Hope your Mom had a great 106th (MOL) birthday. Our Mom is older than dirt, too. xoxo

  6. Carrot cake is awesome, but we agree that nip cake, or tuna cake, would be much better for the cats. Maybe next time.

    We're off to go read your inetrview now. :)


  7. The cake looks yummy! Was it actually carrot? Our mom LOVES, LOVES, LOVES carrot cake. It's healthy after all, right? :-P

    Thanks again for interviewing us, it was a blast!

  8. We read your interview you guys are ace reporters.

    Did you gets any icing off the cake?

  9. Our Jan who is older than dirt remembers that Hedda Hopper always had big fancy hats.

    Misty and my minions

  10. Hi!
    WE love your blog and that cake looks great! nom, nom, nom.... thank you for your kind words about Trevor. We deeply appreciate it. :)
    God Bless You!
    The collies and Chuck from
    Collies Of The Meadow

  11. Nip cake sounds better but Momma disagrees and says Jan is right. What a wonderful thoughtful person Karen is to make you that cake. I bet it was delicious.


  12. I’m far to young (and foreign) to remember Hedda Hopper ;)

    Think Jan is getting a bit forgetful … no tuna??? She might need a gentle reminder. At 106 though, she has a good excuse!!

  13. *horrified face* NO TUNA???

    That cake does look nice, even without the tuna...

  14. My human is a vintage film semi-expert, and she's read enough about Hedda Hopper to almost feel like she knows her personally! I'm going over to read your interview with Derry and Nicki right now!

  15. My gosh what a wonderful cake, we hope you enjoyed it!!!

    PS - Thanks for popping by yesterday with birthday wishes :-)
    ~Jimmy xo

  16. Do not question the 100+++ year old Jan! She's right and her knowledge and experience is unquestionable.

    Does that mean the Cake is fit for human consumption too?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  17. That's 106 in cat years which would make Jan in her early 20's, right?
    That's too young to be forgetful about tuna...

  18. Happy Birthday sweet Jan we hope you had a wonderful day! Hugs

  19. Dear Jan
    Well, me would has preferred a TUNA cake, but Mommy says Jan's cake looks Delicious!
    The interview with Nicky and Derry was pawsome.

  20. Happy happy birthday, sweetie!

  21. Will have to head over and meet Hedda Hopper. The mom is so old here she remembers the human one that was a gossip person. Glad Jan got a nice birthday cake. Bet it was yummy! With the summer dryness it is a good thing that many candles were not put on the cake. It could have started another out of control fire.
    See you are ready for the fourth! Wonder if many cities will cancel their fireworks display. If that happens we can always start our own on CB.

  22. Well, that might be a wee stretch!

    This woofie won't do lettuce -

    But maybe if there was some - ummm - 'chikhken' in a lettuce wrap, I might be PURRRRRRsuaded to khonsume it!

    As fur kharrots and khake: YUM!!!!!!

    We are glad Jan had a pawesome Gotcha Day!


  23. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your best wishes about Benson. WE apppweciate it vewy much!

    And carrot cake???? YUM! Happy Birthday Jan - hope it was a great one for you this year!

    Jaime, Sasha, Tater Tot and Maxwell

  24. We hope you are all ok. And we have a complaint: we haven't seen pics of all of you in AGES! Pleeeeease?


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