Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leash Training Your Human

Hey, Merci, Sam & Buddy here today to bring you Thankful Thursday.  What are we thankful for?  Well, we're thankful we're already skilled in walking a human.  Not that Jan pays any attention to where we try to direct her.  She's deaf to commands - tacit or verbal - and doesn't stop, start, turn or heel when directed.  But other than that, we think she's done a fairly good job of learning to walk on leashes (3 at a time).  At least she doesn't fall down as frequently as she used to.

We don't want her to watch this video and we suggest you don't let your humans watch it either. They might catch on to our plan for furry world dominance.  Remember, not to expect too much from them; they're only human.  We suspect the true reason this human was following directions was because the dog had done some preliminary training outdoors.

Yep, dogs and cats can work wonders with their humans when they work together to train them properly.  A properly trained human is a happy human! 

And a happy human means there are lots of treats forthcoming.

So here is how to train a human to walk on a leash.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

 We are joining Cokie the Cat's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.


  1. OMC, can someone please pick up the ZH off the floor, she fell down (not walking the cat) while

  2. Mom is teaching ParkerSKat to walk on a leash. He's just too good natured to train her. Poo! I would be better at training THAT one! MOL

  3. I think that is a terrific idea!

  4. That video is the best. We have seen it before but love watching it again. It is hysterical. What a great cat that is and a great video.Take care.

  5. We utterly utterly adore Kodi and Shorty clips on youtube!! Awwwww they are such sweet sweet clever kitties! Yay! Awwwww hope Jan gets lots of treats too! LOL! Take care

  6. There really should be a human obedience school to send our humans to so we wouldn't have to work so hard.

    Misty and my minions

  7. Oh my CAT! we seriously are slacking in the Human Training Department!!

  8. Some pointers there for Austin. He now knows where he’s been going wrong!!! lolol

  9. Love the video so cute!!!


  10. I love this video - such a smart kitty!

  11. Visiting from the blog hop - very cute. My cat does not do that but us dogs like to walk other dogs :)

  12. Thank you so much for leaving words of comfort for me on the passing of my beloved cat, Alex. Marc and I are heartbroken. We know we did the right thing, and every day we realize how much Alex was “preparing us” during the last few weeks, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We can’t stop the tears…. But having wonderful friends, like you, and the support of the CB is making it better….

    Thank you also for adding alex's picture to your sidebar... I am sure he would feel so honored & special...

  13. that vid is danged cute we've watched it like a dozen times. We never get tired of it!

    I wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting Ms. Stella. I have been so busy it's time I got caught up on visiting everyone else!

    Thank you again!

    That Woman


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