Friday, July 27, 2012

FFF on Moosey and Sammy

Good morning. While Jan slips into a cup of coffee, we're grabbing the chance to let you know Moosey & Sammy's interview with our Funny Farmer Felines has posted on Mousebreath.

You know Moosey & Sammy of the Animal Shelter Volunteer Life blog.  Their dad is Meowmeowmans.  Well, today they tell their story, so be sure to go by and check it out.   

And stop by the auction for Ms. Stella's footie fix.  She has had a couple of surgeries on her foot, including a toe amputation and she can use some help with the vet bills.  Not that we think she wants to pay the vet bills.  We believe she'd rather sue because the vet keeps putting a PINK bandage on her paw.  Um ...  maybe we shouldn't have decorated her auction in pink to match her footie?  But she looks so pretty in pink.


  1. We're headed over there right now!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  2. Thanks fur all the great info! Have a great Friday, furriends.

  3. We love Sammy and Moosey. So we sure will go read the interview. And Kevin and Tracey do so much good work.

  4. Gotta go check this out!
    Right now MOM!!!


  5. We gonna check that out next! Thank you guys for remembering our Pungy's birthday! We thanked you especially in her post today. We appreciate you guys. Take care and has a happy!

  6. Allie: *whispers* Of course she looks pretty in pink! But, uhm...I don't think Stella thinks so...

    We think the auction is a wonderful idea - thanks so much for making that happen!

  7. Just came back from reading the interview.
    Sammy and Moosie are very articulate and generous to share their peeps with the cats at PAWS.

  8. Seems like I have lots of thing to catch up !
    Thanks for this post !

    I miss you too my friends

  9. Thank you all so much, FFF! We had SO much fun being interviewed by you. Big, bug hugs for you all (and for Jan and the woofies, too). :)

  10. We're big fans of Meowmeowmans! We'll definitely go check out the Mousebreath interview!
    : )

  11. We loved your interview. poor kitty. We hope that paw gets better soon.

  12. will go read the interview. And Kevin and Tracey do so much good of nature


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