Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WV Support and Riding Thunder

Hey, Sam here.  It's just a tad "cooler" so far today, probably because it's more overcast.  We deserve a break after recent humidity and heat suffocation days.  But it's not noon yet, so the worst is yet to come.

Yesterday we posted on the evil Blogger word verification. We even had Jan make a badge you can use on your own blog to join the rebellion against its use Um, rebellion against the use of word verification, not our badge. The guillotine badge is in our sidebar if you want to grab it to tell your readers how you feel about wv.. 

Although we have posted on settings before, we received a request to post it again.

Blogger has a very good spam filter. We repeat, a very good one! Just because you receive spam doesn't mean it's being published. There is a huge difference. Spam is filed in the spam folder. Once a week or so, take a quick look through it to be sure none of your friends have accidentally been misfiled. Then delete all the spam. It takes a minute of your time. (We just checked our spam folder and there was no spam but one of our friends was trapped there, so we marked it as Not Spam so it could post.)

IF -- IF a spam comment should ever get published, do not delete it through comments. You want to tell Blogger it's spam so you go into the published comments in your interface and mark it as spam.

Most of the spam comes from Anonymous or name / url. Blogger can't detect name / url as spam.

The easiest way to stop both Anonymous and name / url is to not allow these types of comments.

If you want to allow them, then we suggest changing your settings to put comment moderation on posts over xxx (you choose - perhaps over 5) days old since spammers will target older posts, likely figuring they won't be noticed. (They would most likely end up in the spam folder anyway, but it pays to have Blogger send an email every time you get a comment. So be sure to keep your email address updated.)

If you want to stop Anonymous and name / url comments, we suggest you go into Settings / posts and comments and  change to -
Registered Users (includes Open ID)

And make sure the Show Word Verification answer is NO.

Don't forget to click Save Settings in upper right before you leave Settings.

We recently disallowed Anonymous because we were receiving so many spam messages we decided it was time.  They were not being published.  But that setting also allows name / url and those were being published.  We have been using Registered Users (includes Open ID) for several weeks again and haven't received any spam.  We were allowing Anonymous so a few of our non-blogging friends could comment, but they can still email us.  Many non-bloggers already have a Google profile because they're using gmail, Google+ or some other Google service, so this setting isn't really a hardship for most who will comment.  Open ID includes Wordpress,

We'd like to thank all of you who have expressed your support of our guillotine wv protest.  We hope many, many, many of you will take up the cause and whenever you manage to make it through the maze of one, to let the blogger know wv is on and suggest they turn it off.   If they aren't aware, they can't do anything.

Now for something more interesting.

Are you having a bad day? Then we'd like to share this video with you. It isn't cat or dog related, but you'll definitely feel a lot better about your own day after watching what happened to William Rankin, the man who rode Thunder.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Compared to William Rankin, you're actually having a good day, aren't you!


  1. That video gave us chills.
    Wow is all I can say.

    100% support on axing the WV!!!

    Great going Jan.


  2. We got your guillotine up in our sidebar. Bad Mommy forgot about it till this morning.

  3. We got your guillotine up in our sidebar. Bad Mommy forgot about it till this morning.

  4. I ran across ANOTHER WV blogger THIS MORNING.... and I just Let it GO beclaws I HAVE told this one before.

  5. What an amazing clip and story!! Goodness!! Take care

  6. We double checked to make sure our WV was turned off and it is. It is frustrating to try and figure out that extra step in order to comment on blogs and tends to dissuade one to leave comments. We're actually having more problems with some of the "captiva" WV on some of the Word Press or other blog posts.

  7. We changed to registered users only a couple of months ago too because there seemed to be lots more spam comments around. Blogger was catching them all so they weren't published, but it is still annoying to get the emails.

  8. Great WV post! We loved the video. It pulls a lot of things into perspective! Happy Tuesday.

  9. Thanks for the spam tip. We'll follow your advice! :)

  10. Wow. The Human says even her kidney stone can't hold a candle to that, MOL!!

    And the new WV??? INSANE. JUST INSANE!!! I hate hate hate hate hate it!!!

  11. What is even worse is that those spam filters make it really hard for a lot of disabled people to leave comments on your blog. :)


    Moki The Wobbly Cat

  12. We agree with you wholeheartedly about Blogger WV ... we hate it!

    That video was amazing. William Rankin is one seriously fortunate guy.

  13. We hope our WV is off and stays off! So many sites use those weird captcha thingys!

    Thanks for stopping by my Purrthday Party, we all hope yoo had a ton of fun wif us!


  14. OK, we join your campaign. We turned off WV months ago, switched to "Registered Users", set comments moderated after 3 days. But we tolerated the WV on other blogs because TBT was really good at figuring them out.

    But we had to go through 3 WV tonight at one blog. The 1st two were not possible for even TBT to read.

    The decision point was that we have reached 100 blogs that we try to follow, and there are more we would like to add. But our household rule is 100 max, so any we add means that we have to drop others from the bloglist.

    We don't like that. But we cant stay on 24/7 following EVERY good cat blog. So we are gonna keep the ones easiest to comment on.

    Its unfair. We shouldn't have ta make this choice. But Blogger/Google made this change, not us. We can only react to it as best we can.

  15. Brilliant video! Have you read the stories of Chuck Yeager? I think you'd like them too.

  16. We're all anti-WV kittehs over here!

    And after seeing that video, we KNOW we're nevah going flying with Mommy!
    (well,w e weren't planning to anyway, but that just sealed the deal!)

  17. Thanks you Jan so much for this helpful info! I took my word verification out!!

  18. Meee-ow thanks for visiting my blog and very nice to meet you. It's always nice to meet really cool kitty pals. I turned the WV off and I appreciate the purr-fect advice.


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