Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Condolences to ML

Our heartfelt condolences to ML of the Cat Blogosphere and The Giggleman Gang's blog over the loss of her only living relative, Aunt Dorothy. 

ML was looking forward to living near her aunt and spending more time with her.  But when ML drove up to check on her last Tuesday, after a fall that left her aunt with fractures in her arms, her aunt had a stroke and no longer recognized her. 

ML, our hearts are breaking for the pain you are going through.  We know this is an especially hard time and we're glad your good friend Deb is able to be there with you. Take some time to heal and don't worry about returning to the CB and blogging until you're able.  Your friends will be here waiting for you.

We send lots of  love, {{{hugs}}}, purrs and pawhugs, ML. Jan & the Funny Farmers

PS - We're turning off comments for this post, preferring you leave a message for ML at either of the links above.