Monday, July 09, 2012

Percy is 8

Oh, no, Jan did it to us again.  She forgot to make us a birthday card for our Percy.  There it was announced on the CB again and we weren't prepared. 

How many times do we have to fire Jan?  She keeps coming back, so firing doesn't work.  We'd cut her salary but we don't have money to pay her anyway.  Maybe we can get her to pay us when she messes up?  Anyone know where we can find an absent minded human bank?  (You know, they used to call them piggy banks?)  

Well, Happy Birthday, Percy!  We're glad Merci rescued you and you're part of our family.  Love from all of us furries and the forgetful-est human of the blogosphere.

We are sorry Sasha from Dane's World had to leave for the rainbow bridge Saturday.  We really enjoyed her blog and will miss her.  Pawhugs and purrs to her human family.

This is a good example of why one should NEVER put an animal on Craig's List or any similar web page.  "Free to a good home" is not the proper way to find a safe, loving home. This warning is posted on Cat Eyes' blog. And never cross post a pet rescue list on such a site either. 


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Percy - we hope you have a wonderful day with lots of scritches and treats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Happy birthday, Percy! We think you're all stuck with Jan...She has the opposable thumbs!

  3. wishing you a very happy birthday percy!

    cats of wildcat woods

  4. DeewestPewcy
    I hope you'we having the most wondewfullest Biwfday celebwashun wif yoow Funny Fawmews and Jan. I hope you have many many mowe wif love and bestest wishes
    smoochie kisses

  5. Happy Purrthday Percy!
    Me not finks you should fire Jan. We only hires the beans to open our cans and clean our boxes. Mine won't even blog for me at all anymore.

    Mine mommy sais thanks fur posting about the Cat Eyes' thing. Is furry sad that anyone could do that to a defenseless animal.
    Love, TK

  6. Be patient with your Jan. Some humans, like ours, need a lot of repetition to learn.

    Misty and my minions

  7. HAPPY BIRFDAY PERCY!!!!!! Maybe Jan' brain is knows when hoomans start furgettin' stuffs. My mum does dat and I don't cuts her no slack eithers.
    I'll has to go check out dat bloggie bouts craig's list.


  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Percy!!! Yay!!! Awww enjoy your special day!!

    I've just read that horrendous appalling news over at Cat Eyes' blog. Over the weekend here where I live, a poor cat had to be put down because he was shot at by someone. He was only 7 years old. He was rescue kitty. The cat's very distraught owners found their kitty under a bush with gun shot wounds. So someone is out here in my lovely little town shooting at cats. :-(

    It's beyond awful to contemplate. Take care

  9. Happy Birthday, Percy!
    We don't think "free to a good home" is a good idea. An adoption fee should be in place, not so much to recoup the "cost" of fostering or raising the pet, but to hopefully attract responsible adopters.

  10. Happy Birthday, Percy! Hope you get spoiled a lot cause Jan forgot! I was dopted from a rescue place (and had two friends of mom vouch for her. Whew! What an investigation!). The ones before were private doptions where all parties knew each other.
    Those are the bestest ways to make sure someone DOES have a good home. Once again dear Percy, make sure Jan spoils you extra extra!

  11. A very Happy Birthday to you Percy. Hope you are having a really good day.
    That is just too scary putting a animal on Craigs List. I sure hope that not too many people do that.
    Have a great day Percy.

  12. Happy birthday, Percy :) Hope you got a few treats?

    You should rename Jan, Boomerang, as she keeps coming back! Just as well she does, eh!! xx

  13. A very happy purrday Percy!!!

    We don't care for Craiglist.
    Think a lot of criminal element is there.
    Maybe just being paranoid.

    Do not like the "FREE KITTENS/PUPPIES" idea at all. We know a large % of the time everything is on the up and up but there are some sickos out there that give a real bad rap to the idea of "free"


  14. Happy Birthday, Percy!
    Your friends from the Tabby Cat Club,
    Tommie (the tabby) and Maggie (the person)

  15. Happy Birthday, Percy! Humans take a long time to learn stuff, we've found. Jan probably needs you to keep repeating the same lessons, like a bazillion times before she gets them. We know it's like that around here...

    Hugs and headbonks,

    Sammy and Moosey (and mom and dad, too)

  16. Happy Birthday, Perci!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Happiest of Birthdays PERCY!!!!
    Here's to pettings, noms, naps and wonderful things to stalk & chase! Hope your day is a fine one!

  18. Happy 8th birthday, Percy. We hope you have many more!

  19. Happy Birthday Percy. We don't know what to tell you about Jan. Our Mom missed our blogoversary....we found out because the CB posted it.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  20. Happy Purrrrthday, Percy. We hope you had a great day, full of treats and cuddles.

  21. Happy Birthday Percy! And many, many more happy years!

  22. A very happy birthday to Percy!!


  23. Happy Birthday, Percy! We think you should be treated extra special all day and given extra treats and pets 'cause Jan forgot.

    Never, never post an animal on Craig's list or any other such place. Very bad idea. Thanks, Jan, for all the good info you post on your (well, the animal's) blog! Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  24. Belated Happy Birthday Percy!! We hope you had a great day!! Mama has been just terrible about visiting & commenting. We'd like to fire her but the house is in her name...

  25. Happy Birthday, Percy! And many many more! We hope you enjoy Your Day!

  26. Happy Birthday Percy! Enjoy your special day my furiend :D

    Waggin at ya,

  27. Happy Birthday, Percy! Hope you get tonnes of treats today.

  28. Happy Birthday sweet Percy...hope you had a great one and got lots of treats. Hugs and nose kisses


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