Monday, July 16, 2012

Guillotine Blogger WV

Hey, Merci here with today's news from the Funny Farmers.  It's really too hot to type but I have a mission so I got stuck with the post. Well, actually it's a mission for all of us but those lazy bums um, hot and tired furries forgot we were supposed to meet at the typing chair at 12 noon and they're all sacked out.  So here goes, but this is from all of us.

This is what we think of Google / Blogger's illegible word verification.  Send it to the guillotine!  The mess across the center is an actual word verification.  Even borrowing Jan's reading glasses and magnifying glass didn't help us. So we made this graphic to help spread the word that readers are tired of dealing with it.

Please note that Eric and Flynn are correct in their comment that this wv is easier to read than most.  But that's because it's been blown up in this post.    

Blog owners can't see wv on their own blogs; they must be signed out, clean their cache and cookies, then go to their own blog and click on comments.  If they use the full page comments, wv will not show up until after they click to publish, so be sure to actually leave yourself a comment.

It doesn't matter whether you did not have wv on in the past.  Blogger turned a lot on by default when they made the big switch to the new interface about 3 (?) months ago.  We can not stress this enough: CHECK YOUR BLOG FOR WV!!!!!!  

Well, if you really don't want comments or visitors, don't check.  Leave wv on.

We continued to visit and read but Friday we visited yet another kazillion blogs with wv on, many of them with the big SURPRISE wv after we wrote a comment and clicked on "publish."  We reached the snapping point.  We are now in process of deleting blogs using wv from our Google Reader and moving their blog link to a WV folder in bookmarks so we don't bookmark them or visit again. Not even if there will be serious illness or a death because, frankly, they've put out the UNWELCOME mat and we can't leave a message anyway.

Kimo & Sabi, Bogden - old or new friends, they're removed from our reading list.  We're not being mean.  We have been blogging about this for months.  When we were still able to struggle through, we left hundreds of comments and wrote innumerable emails (if we could find an email address).  Now we're pulling the plug.

We've seen long discussions on facebook about hating wv and not leaving comments on those blogs that use it, so we know we're not alone.  But are you willing to do something about it besides complain?  We made the word verification guillotine graphic.  You are welcome to use it if you want to help stop the spreading use of this frustrating, time-wasting menace.  There is a smaller size in our sidebar.

Guillotine Blogger word verification!

UPDATE:  A suggestion for setting changes to stop the spam when word verification is off is in tomorrow's post, WV Support and Riding Thunder.  

Yesterday was Gracie's mom's birthday.  Percy and Rusty asked Jan to throw something together to post on the Tabby Cat Club since her mom has helped her set up and keep the TCC running.  This is on the TCC but we didn't do a post yesterday so we thought we'd share this today.  One can't ever have too many birthday cards and we do love Gracie and her mom. 


  1. We'll snag the WV sidebar graphic, with thanks. Loathe it. A LOT of blogs still have it on and it's very, very frustrating.

    Jan made a wonderful card for Gracie's mom, so sweet to have done that. We hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Go JFF!
    Go JFF!!
    Go JFF!!!

    Off with their heads AND then we khan have khake ;-)

    Seriously, we are furry surprised at some of the blogs that do utilize that khrappy system as there is no reason to do it

    Bloggers Spam chekhk is pretty pawesome -

    And if woo don't want to do it THAT way, they use khomment moderation


    PeeEssWoo: Off to khopy and add this to my blog!

  3. Just this morning... a blogger that has been on an ANNOUNCED 4 month break,,,, posted.. I was soooooo excited... until I saw THAT!!

    Well I made sure to tell her that it is there... I HOPE HOPE HOPE that she takes my NOT SO SUBTLE hint..

    Off with its HEAD!!!

  4. We totally agree with you, WV is evil! We have to say though that the WV in your graphic is more legible than some we have had. Sometimes the numbers are at an acute angle and impossible to decipher. We will put it in our sidebar, thanks. We agree with Khyra, it is very rare that spam gets past blogger.

  5. We will. Come back. And. Grab the graphic we! Are on the Kindle now and don't know how. But we agree about wv

  6. No word verification at Tails from the Foster Kittens :)

    I've had it off for some time, and the spam comments sometimes bother me, but they are filtered well enough and don't show up on the blog at all. It is just a few moments out of my week (or two) to go in and clean them out from time to time - and I only do that to make sure one isn't an actual comment from someone (it happened once)

  7. We are new bloggers and we were SO LUCKY to have a kitty tell us about this eavil thing right away, or we would never have know. We shut it off right away!

    the Momma has one she HAS to do at work everyday, sometimes more than once, and it makes her say words that I don't think she's supposed to say at work.
    Harry,Dexter and Tipp

  8. Does ya'll needs a cup of coffee to relaz? Hehehehe.
    Okays, seriosly, I hate da WV and I thinks da new WV is worser than it use to be but dat is just my opinion.
    Dat is one cool graphic.


  9. I so agree that the verication thingy makes us so frustrated and I hope we can get rid of it for good.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. We're with you guys on this one. That WV is the worst!

    That sure was a great card Jan made for Gracie's mom. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! :)

  11. We absolutely HATE WV. We keep going back and checking our settings to make sure Blogger hasn't changed anything on us.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  12. Jan
    You know how we feel about it!
    Like you I have taken to leaving one comment and saying "cuse me do you know you have WV on?" if it stays on then I know I can't comment anymore. It's just too darned IMPOSSIBLE to read most of the time. Hate it. I have never used any extra hoops to jump through when leaving a comment because I never liked even the OLD WV process.

    Good post!!
    Wonderful card for Gracie's Mom.


  13. We removed it from our blog because it seemed to upset everyone so much. WV doesn't really bother us all that much ...but I guess we are the only ones who don't mind it.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. I hate it!!! I have Word Press, no one with WP that I visit use any of this WV stuff. Most of the time I fail, then lose my comment so have to rewrite it..then just give up and leave. I will snag the badge for my blog. Come on by for a peek sometime. Thank you for raising this apparently undisscussable nit! Paw pats Savannah

  15. Merci, woofer, we are with you. Oh, are we with you.

    Most of the time, our Dad has to push the 'New Try' three or four times before he sees something usable.

    He's has started collecting some of the more unreadable deCAPTCHA's he's seen, mostly just on general principles right now.

  16. I think I turned it off some time ago but will double check again.

  17. I went to "Dashboard"
    then clicked to open "settings"
    under that clicked on "posts and comments"
    There is a setting as you scroll down called "show word verification" and you can set it to "yes" or "no"
    I've had it set on "no" for some time now.
    I think that's all it takes. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  18. We agree 100% and wrote a couple emails to Google complaining about it and suggesting they take the person who came up with it outside and whip them. The more complaints, the faster they will get rid of it.

  19. Yep we agree about those word verification thingies!


  20. here here here! We agree so wholeheartedly on this matter and clap our paws together for your post!!!!
    Love the cozy cottagers!

  21. we hate it too - we hopes its not on our blog - we didnt' seem to find it on ours.

  22. We've had it off, but we better go check and make sure the evil Blogger gremlins haven't been back!
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  23. I had that graphic from Ann this morning so will put it in my sidebar. I do still visit some blogs with WV but it is so frustrating!!! I will mention it next time I post. Thanks.

    *runs off to check blogger hasn't sneakily turned it back on*!!!

  24. ok I had it on from day one, several years of blogging. Someone made a comment a couple months ago so I turned it off.
    I get spammed everyday with it off??
    Wot to do? You say there are better ways to take care of it, well how?? I am frustrated. purrr
    Are you saying - oh just go delete the spam comments effurry day? dat is a pain in da tail.

    I will turn it off, but I needs some real suggestions of wot to do. I guess dey think my bloggy needs dere junkie messages. Me no want dat!
    So I am going to go turn it off again....but I needs some halps to know what to do other wise.

    purrr thanks, please come tell me.

  25. I think mine is off too but I will go check it. It is very annoying and takes too much time to fool around with trying to read it.

  26. We stole a copy of the sidebar logo too! And we went and double checked, it says we got it off. If it still shows, someone please tell us. We hate the we stuff too.

  27. We got rid of ours ages ago because it was a total pain in the tail. We'll be stealing your graphic for our next post and emailing a few people who are still using this system. As you said, it's too much hassle and soooooo frustrating!

  28. You know that we agree with you about the evil WV! We only have dial-up internet (very slow) and are frustrated by the extra steps we have to take just to comment on some blogs. It takes so long to load another page, so we often skip commenting - the pop-up box (without WV) is the quickest for us. Thanks for bringing this up again.

    Laura & Taffy

  29. We will be snagging your badge. We are not fans of WV either but we have just went with it on the blogs that have it set-up. Some days are worse than others with WV. Have a Great Day! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  30. Is there a way we can send you the WV that finally "broke the camel's back"? We would love to to be able to use it as an example. We just couldn't find an email address.

  31. Jan,
    I so rarely have the energy to visit anymore. But WOW girl what you are doing is wonderful. I don't know if disqus is available, but that's what I use and it's very user friendly.
    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    hugs Pet and TheBrats

  32. I double checked in Settings and it says WV is turned off on both my blogs. I can usually do it, but it is a pain, especially that dratted number.

  33. We would love to see it go as far away as possible!


  34. We also "loathe" the wv feature. As a matter of fact Mama wrote a post about this too. We also have it turned off. There were a lot of blogs that we wanted to comment on but were unable to. And the worst of this is Mama is computer literate!

    Thanks for voicing your displeasure about this "feature."

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  35. Thanks fur letting me know about this, I think i just changed the settings correctly? Mum is not good with this sort of stuff BOL
    Teddy xxx


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