Friday, September 17, 2010

Cameron's Update and Prizes

Hey, remember me?  I'm Cameron and I'm going to do a quick post while Jan grabs something to eat.

It has been really busy around here this week.  Since we've been offline while Jan hogs the computer, we've been bored and working hard at driving Jan to drink.  Okay, so she's only swigging iced tea, but isn't that drinking? She's been setting up some hardware and moving files and .... Ho hum, booooring!  But she is going to make us some new designs for our Zazzle store. She promised.

Our big news is that our prizes from two giveaways have arrived.

If you remember, we won the book How To Take Over Teh Wurld at Us4Cats. We haven't quite figured out how to do this yet.  We're thinking the how to take over the world details must be written in secret code.  Cause the book is funny but there's no cat revolution or uprising mentioned.  We enjoyed reading it - the pictures are funny - and we are thinking of donating it to the CB to auction off for a kitty in need.  That way another kitty household will get to read it.

When we visited Us4Cats today, we found they are in a dilemma after learning some unexpected information  over placing a litter of kittens.  Please visit them.  If you have some advice or can help, especially if you live in KY, please leave a comment on their post Need Advice.

And our cute pair of pillow cases arrived today from Ozark Mountain Cats.  We were winners in their MO-Cats Day giveaway.  Our prize is the third pair of pillow cases down, the blue ones with the cute dogs on them.  We're now concentrating very hard on growing more hair so we'll have more to shed on our new pillow cases when Jan uses them. (Aren't we thoughtful!)

Well, I hear footsteps so I better sign off now.  Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. ConCats on BOTH wins!!!

  2. Woo-Hoo! Concatulashuns!!

    Wow--we iz speechless! 2 awardz!

    And besides which, you find time to bisit your furriends--fanks fur stoppin by and sympathizin' abowt da bills. Dem is nasty fings dat needs to go in da chomper masheen mom haz unner her desk!

  3. Hello Beautiful Cameron!!! Wow - what a bonanza friday for all at Jan's Funny Farm!!! Congratulations with your fab prizes - yay!!!

    Awww poor Jan! LOL!!! Me and Charlie hope that she at least gets to have extra tea for all her hard work! Take care

  4. That was a very good post Cameron! Y'all have a terrific weekend!!!

  5. Thank you for mentioning our kittens within your post today.
    we appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!

  6. yippeeee cool contests, congratulations on the wins and your prizes are wonderful!

    I hope all of you have a marvelous week-end ahead! You look great cameron!


  7. Concatulations. You are winning all kinds of things.

  8. MOL & BOL, we thinks it is great you are growing more hair so you can shed more. We are going to do the same thing.

  9. Spread the book around. Mebbe some other kitty will figure out the secret code to take over teh werld.

  10. Hi ya, Cameron! Congrats on your wins!! Those are some cool prizes!

  11. Cameron, you are too funny. Great idea with the prizes though.

  12. Hi, Cameron!
    Congratulations on your prizes!
    Sure that made easier your relaxing day!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy winning stuff! Glad Jan is getting that computer in fine shape so you can keep the blog running smoothly!

  14. Wow you kitties are SUPER lucky!! Concats on those wins!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  15. Greetings Cameron,

    My do you look grand in that pose of yours. Very formidable and in control of the situation.

    Congratulations on winning so many wonderful give aways. As for figuring out how to take over the world, well yah, it has to be in secrete code cus we don't want the humans, I mean beans to know what our master plan is.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,
    Miss Kitty

  16. Congrats on the contest wins! Do you all take turns sharing or is it the one in possession has it? If that is the case Jan doesn't have a chance. Which I don't think she does anyway as there are more of you than her.
    Love the photo of you, Cameron. What a model you would make. You could get lots of $$$ doing this. If you need an agent I am available.


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