Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chamberlin and Molly

You might remember Chamberlin, the dog who survived two months alone in a yard with no food, water or companionship while the weeds grew up around him and he disappeared from view, an abandoned, forgotten dog.  When he was finally found he could not even stand up, could barely lift his head. But he's getting some muscle mass in his rear legs and has some energy now, thanks to the wonderful care and physical therapy he's getting.

The owners of the home were a couple who split and just moved off leaving Chamberlin tied to a tree. They were arrested, released and will be in court October 29 to face 2 counts of animal cruelty, which at this time is currently only a misdemeanor where they live.  As of December 1, animal cruelty will be a felony there.

In case you missed it, this is an earlier video of Chamberlin.

If the video won't play, click here. If you wonder what Susie's Fund is, it is the reason Chamberlin is receiving the help he needs.

Unfortunately - if you can even imagine such a thing - there was a second dog found in the house and he had to be euthanized because he was in even worse condition than Chamberlin.

This is Chamberlin after some physical therapy.  Quite a difference!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We are reading more stories of abandoned animals.  Folks just walk away and leave animals behind.  This needs to be a felony.  And those who do this should be forced in public court to watch a video of the animal's condition -- dead or alive -- when finally rescued.  And the court should order them to repay every penny of the animal's rescue, care and rehabilitation.

Molly of Cat's Cats was helped to the bridge Thursday. She had a good, long life, nearly 19 years, with her family but it was still hard for them to say good-bye.  We're late posting this because, as usual, Jan has been hogging the computer.  She's been trying to make more designs for our zazzle store but since our computer doesn't have a video card right now, it's a struggle.  So we've been laying low, but we do want to acknowledge Molly's passing and her family's pain.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Watching Chamberlin's pain bwoke ouw can hoomans do such things..We sooo agwee that the hoomans should be totally wesponsible fow the cost of the cawe and wehabillitation and be punished on top of can you abandon a twusting fwiend..this is howwibull
    I'm so sowwy fow the bootiful kitties family but at least she had a wondewful life
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess i owiginally came to thank you fow my Biwfday wishes

  2. We just don't understand the human mind set of anyone who could abandon an animal like that. Not even take him to a shelter. It's not enough, to be a felony, unless judges are going to sentence to the full extent of the law. And in the meantime, it would seem these "humans" will get a slap on the wrist.

    Here in Canada animal cruelty laws are about 200 years out of date and getting someone in office to actually care about changing them seems an impossibility.

    We're sending tons of purrs to Chamberlin, for his continued recovery.

    And we hope that those who abuse and abandon their four-legged Beings reap not only temporal justice, but cosmic justice as well.

  3. Oh Chamberlin. Poor poor doggie.

    I really really hope that such cruelty towards animals will be a felony all over the US, not just state by state but nationwide.

    I'm beyond upset at Chamberlin and his companion who had to euthanised. It's truly awful. Poor doggies. I know Charlie is asleep but I just want to go give him a hug now.

    Take care

  4. yes, this is heart breaking. every time I read something like this it just makes us feel so very sad that these sweet animals had to have a life that was so ugly with undeserved punishment. Really the only thing that rests our hearts is that they are in the arms of a Savior now.
    This is something that should not be ignored. People should be fined and punished severely.

    bonks for sharing

  5. I never heard about Chamberlin's story until now and it is terribly heartbreaking to know that he was abandoned and tied to a tree without any access to food or water for so long. It is amazing that he survived but those survival instincts will help him find the strength to walk again. I can't imagine leaving such a sweet dog or any dog behind without any thought for their well being.

  6. Aaargh. I would never be able to watch that video. Poor poor dog. Glad he is on the mend, but so sorry about the one left inside the house.

  7. That is horrible and since I'm a nice cat I can't say it. Purrs to you Chamberlin.

    We were sad about sweet Molly too.

  8. I know I shouldn't really think this much less say it but someone should tie Chamberlains people up to a tree and leave them - see how they like it.


  9. What a sad story about Chamberlin. Humans can be terrible.
    We did not know Molly, but we heard about her going to the bridge. Always sad, and it has been pretty sad in the cat blogosphere lately.

  10. How they could abandon him??
    Glad Chamberlain was found. I have my paws crossed for him.
    Sorry to know about Molly.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. One day, they will need to 'splain -

    PeeEssWoo: Our KhatSoupFurTheSoul box arrived on Khaturday - we'll blog next week about it! WOO!

  12. Seein dat video made da crazy lady and all of our eyes leaky! Da crazy lady has seen some things like dat werkin in da shelters, and she agrees, der has to be tougher laws and bigger fines and jail time for things like dis. Da crazy lady gets real mad when she see's stuff like dis, makes her want to hurt dem crazy people real bad.

    We is happy to see he is doing better and he looks like such a happy boy now, his spirit is a strong one for sure, and da family that gets to take him home, is gonna be one very lucky family fursure!

    Da Critters

  13. This isn't a good day for visiting. The news out there is too sad. Your place was the second one I visited and at both places furries went to the bridge. Just too sad.
    I wish they could tie the owners of Chamberlin's to the tree and see how they would like it. I know that won't be done but it sounds good to me. I cannot believe how some, and I cannot even give them a name as they are not humans, can do this do the furries.

  14. Thank you so much for the Gotcha day wishes!!!!!!
    Can you believe Mom forgot????????? Sheesh!!!
    Not to worry, I am being spoiled like crazy ,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey
    PeeEss: We too are angry to see the way animals are treated!! It is even more sad that Michael Vick is the only person to have gone to jail for cruelty! We think such things should be a felony!!!!

  15. I just read your last two posts, Jan and can barely type through the tears. How do people live with themselves? And what does this about us when we aren't willing to establish a cultural norm that says no cruelty here? Period. It's always the most vulnerable - children, the elderly and animals - who suffer most because we don't.

  16. We hope Chamberlin's Beins are chained in a yard for at least a few days so they unnerstand what it is like...

  17. I hope Chamberlin's abusers get what they deserve. =(

    I just do not understand people...

    I feek so bad for Molly's family, that has to be so hard. RIP Molly!

  18. Wot those people did to Chamberlain is a felony in our book ~ we can barely believe such cruelty occurs. We are so glad he survived. We couldn't watch the videos # they upset us too much. Mom is crying.

    We miss Molly too. RIP sweet gerl.

  19. we cried and cried watching those videos of Chamberlin.

  20. We are so sad for Chamberlin, but we are so glad he was found and is getting better. We think that a felony is just scratching the surface on people abandoning animals - and oh we were heartbroken to read there was another dog there too that didn't make it. Those are just evil jerks.

    And we are still sad about Molly going - we will miss her.

  21. THANK YOU for posting that second video. I had seen the first one on Life with Dogs and bawled. I watched it right before bed and then couldn't sleep because I was so torn up about it and so amazed at that little waggly tail.

    I think I cried even harder at this video...but this time it was tears of happiness. What a strong spirit Chamberlin has and what amazing people there are in the world to help him.

    Mayzie's mom


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