Saturday, September 04, 2010

Percy and Kong Kickeroo

Buddy. I asked to do today's post to clear up a misconception many have of me. For years, I have been known as the "wild child" of jff. Whenever anything happens, the Funny Farmers all point at me and say, Buddy did it.

Well, I want you to know I am not alone and at last the truth is coming out. Who climbed over all the obstacles to steal whole packages of cat and dog treats and pig out?  Not me! (I would have if I could have reached those nooks and crannies.)  You can read the proof here.

And who grabbed the catnip leaf and ran off with it during the drawing for the recent giveaway?  Not me! And it was captured on video here.

Kazoku Neko sent Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron and Rusty a wrestling catnip toy called a Kong Kickeroo.  Jan put us dogs outside so we couldn't eat it before they had a chance to play with it. She found Rusty climbing over furniture and over the top of the computer so he could reach the desk where she left the package.  Before she could grab her camera, Percy leaped onto the desk, grabbed the envelope and ran.

He didn't even wait for Jan to cut the Kong off the cardboard.  He certainly had no trouble understanding it was a wrestling, kicking toy.

If the video doesn't play, you can watch it here.

Thank you, Kazolu Neko. The cats love their new toy.

And I hope I have been exonerated as the only mischief-maker among the Funny Farmers.

Update -  I totally forgot to tell you we won the giveaway at us4 cats.  They're going to send us a book telling us how to take over the world.  We intend to start by taking over Jan's computer.  Thanks, us4 cats.


  1. Awwww sweet Buddy - you're so innocent!! And you have video evidence too!! Yay!! One look at your gorgeous limpid eyes and me and Charlie know you didn't do anything naughty! :-)

    Awww what a sweet toy from Kazoku Neko - how lovely!! Look at Percy have a go at it though - my goodness!! Aww gentle Rusty is such a sweetie and look at Cyndi being very gentle! Lovely

    Congratulations with your book too - can't wait to find out how you lovely furries at JFF will take over the world! :-)

    take care

  2. Looks like you guys had a lotta fun with yer wunnerful new toy!

  3. we is soooo glad you liked the toy we sent. nothing better than a good nip toy. tt & kintaro are our bunny kickers. they would make any bun proud of their back leg action.

    kazoku neko

    pee ess mom says daddy gets one of the plates to put his stuff in when he comes home. he keeps losing his stuff and blames us kitties for moving it. mom says she gets the other plate to keep track of her keys and reminder notes. she loves the colors and the sizes are purrfect.

  4. I sure did enjoy your video Percy, I thought for a moment that was me playing with your new toy!

  5. Wow Percy, you really went nuts on that toy!

  6. That kickeroo looks like a lot of fun!! You sure know how to getthe most out of your toys!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. That is hilarious that Percy was bunnykicking the Kong Kickeroo before it was even out of the packaging. We are shocked that any of you have a reputation of being a "wild child". We know all of you are completely innocent (despite the video evidence) and think you must have been framed.

  8. Percy couldn't wait to do cute! Congrats on your win....I think that book is in the best of hands ;)

  9. The phloofy ones are always well behaved!

    KhonKHats on your win!


  10. I love your video! My guys go crazy for their kickaroo and I have to keep it in the cupboard, all of them have a reaction like Percy :-)

  11. Of course you are innocent! And when you guys take over the world, will you let us know? We want to watch! :-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  12. Percy looked very excited with the new toy!
    Buddy. Not fair they all make you the guilty one!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Boy, Percy is sure having fun with their new toy. I would rub my face in it like Cyndi. Mom says she is leery to buy us any new toys cause we play with a short while and that's it. We do have lot of toys though.


  14. Oh Buddy we always knew you were innocent. Congrats on the book win. After you take over the computer maybe you can take over the world.

  15. Those kickaroo toys are the BEST to tear into! Felix is a wild man with his. We think there *may* be other naughty funny farmers besides Buddy...heh heh.

  16. Percy is just a force to be reckoned wif, isn't him.
    Furrst steeling tha catnip from tha voting "booth", and now this.
    They sure did love that toy.


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