Monday, September 06, 2010

Furry Safe Driving and Weekend Blogging

We want to share this video with you today. The video as a whole is the perfect example of why humans should turn over the keys to their vehicles and let us furries drive.

If the video doesn't play, you can view it here.

Human drivers are ditzy, distracted and dangerous! We furries, on the other hand, are safe, and sane. In fact, we have a good example of furry good driving. We once borrowed Jan's car to farm Michael Vick.  (In case you need a definition of "farm," Buddy was very upset when Vick was arrested on dog fighting charges and set out to - uh, neuter him.) So if you haven't read it before, check out what great drivers we furries are here.

We entered the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #119 over at Nikita and Elvira's yesterday.

And also the Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB).

Go by and check out the entries.


  1. I knew SOMEBODY was going to get hit eventually.

  2. OMD, that is one very dangerous intersection - we are glad our peeps don't live there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh my goodness that car that jumped the lights just as this big long trunk was crossing. Good grief! What idiots - grrrrrr!!

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed your 2007?!?! (Wow!) adventure all at JFF!! Buddy is such a leader!! LOL!! You all were very brave and very clever to get as far as you got! Poor Samaritan! Did you "go farm Michael Vick" in the end?!!? Awwww!

    Have a great Labour Day!!

    Take care

  4. I love your banner!

    A dangerous place!



  5. Ok da mom was scream STOP STOP STOP oooooooooo man! Then when the car went under the big metal truck ooooooooooooooooooo hhh man!!

    Beans is crazy!! Dey shud call dat Suicide light fer all da crazies dere.


  6. it appears that most of the red light runners were going too fast to start with

  7. Wow! My mom said she shouldn't have watched this after her wreck this weekend. She even had a green light when the motorcyclist turned into her.

  8. I soo agwee wif all of you
    s fuwwies awe not only nicew , but so much mowe wesponsible..imagine how many hoomans and fuwwkids could get huwt thwew? don't even want to think about it
    stay safe
    smoochie kisses

  9. I think that's why I don't like to go in the metal moving box!

  10. That looked like a demolition derby! And my human wonders why I scream every time I get stuffed in the car.

  11. I can't believe it!
    All those drivers not seeing the red light! hmm....
    Happy Labor Day!
    Kisses and hugs


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