Wednesday, September 15, 2010

93 Breeder Dogs and Ghost Dog

It seems as if some people who don't really like dogs or cats or ferrets or whichever animal go into the business of breeding them. Maybe there needs to be an intelligence test given before licensing. Do you believe furries feel pain .... fear .... cold ... extreme heat .... enjoy being crammed into cramped, dirty quarters ...? If the answer is no, can we subject you to the above extremes before allowing you to breed? Can you give at least five recent furry friend references? Questions along those lines. This might weed out some who should never breed. Um, we mean should never become a breeder.

Doggies and kitties, we wish we could sic all of you - and us too - on the guy in this story so we could sink our teeth and claws into his butt. He built a "gas chamber" to kill 78 breeder dogs and 15 puppies rather than vet them.

We don't understand why the Sheriff needs to find legal reason to file criminal charges. "By killing his own dogs, Yoder violated a New York law which prohibits individuals from using engine exhaust fumes to kill cats or dogs." Isn't that reason enough?

"Yoder admits that the fumes gave him a headache, and he had to leave the area while the dogs were being killed." We can't dredge up a speck of compassion for him. Those dogs suffered.

Even though the breeder has relinquished his license, he should not be allowed to walk away from a mass killing of breeding dogs and puppies, especially in such a horrible way. A large fine and jail time will not bring back those animals or forgive him the cruel imbecility of killing them in such a manner, but he fully deserves both.

You can read the story here.

This morning Jan was searching for an important document and came across a page of old notes mixed in with genealogical records. The first scribbling on the paper just seemed so appropriate to what Yoder did. We have no idea where she heard this, but -

If somebody in this audience doesn't think this is wrong, somewhere a village is missing their idiot.

On the other hand, some very kind humans rescued the emaciated German Shepherd that had been used as a bait dog and was in such bad shape he was scheduled to be euthanized. Once dubbed "Ghost Dog."the canine now named Phoenix has risen from the ashes of his past life and although he will always bear the scars, he will survive. You can read his story here.

We haven't disappeared.  Jan has been hogging the computer and working hard to set up some computer associated hardware and software.  She concentrates so intensely if the phone rings or one of us dogs bark - any sudden noise - she either drops something or screeches or both.   So we're laying low. 


  1. We couldn't believe that story about killing all those dogs when we read it. That man shouldn't breed himself.

  2. I couldn't read the full article of that man who killed his dogs. It's just too awful! :-(

    Oh Phoenix. What a lovely face!! I'm so glad he's safe now.

    Take care

  3. I couldn't even look at the article. The thought of it just made me sick. Jail is a good place for that man.

    So happy to see Phoenix on the way to recovery. It seems lately the most battered and beaten have the biggest hearts!

    Mr. Nubbin's mom!

  4. Purrsonally I think he should be neutered!

  5. Ugh, that first story is the stuff of nightmares. That man isn't much of a man in our book!

    We are glad that Phoenix is safe now, and on his way back to health.

  6. We vote gas him...but what do we know?

    Glad to see woo haven't been kidnapped by aliens!


  7. OMC! This story made my human ill! There is a serious need to make MUCH stricter breeding laws, and to make such acts felonies!

  8. Sorry but we think there is only one person who needs the gas chamber ~ the cruel man himself. People like that make us hopping MAD!

  9. I have one of those village idiots living next door to me.

  10. We couldn't read the whole story - it is just so sad and just so wrong. We think anyone who does anything mean to animals should have the same things done to them.

    And oh, Phoenix - at least his story has a happy ending!

  11. The man shouldn't be allowed to breed either, this just makes us so sad and angry. We hopes he goes to jail.

    Thanks for telling us about Ghost/Phoenix nice to know there are some decent people around too, that will give a dog a chance at life.

  12. "Yoder violated a New York law which prohibits individuals from using engine exhaust fumes to kill cats or dogs"

    A specific law for that!!! Says it all about society to us. Horrible. But thanks for getting the story out Jan. People need to know, no matter how horrific.

    But a joyful outcome for Phoenix! YAY!

    Whicky Wuudler


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