Friday, September 03, 2010

Two Winning Stories

Cameron Yes, it's me again. We can only make a quick post today.

Nikita has posted the winner of his summer travel stories. (We posted our winner on 9/1) Stop by to see how he and Elvira chose the winner. It's a series of photos, so don't cheat and rush through.) Visit them here.

There is a rescue story posted on the CB's Purrs and Purrayers page, but we realize some of our readers aren't cats and so would otherwise miss this heartwarming story. Please stop by to read the tale and send a thank you to the folks involved. As you undoubtedly know, it is not generally easy to get folks to respond to a kitten in distress emergency. But this town responded to a visitor's pleas and the kitten was saved. You can read the story here.

We'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day.


  1. That was a cool pictorial! Gotta love it when a town really steps up! Y'all have a great weekend.

  2. Guess What ! Come check out our announcement today (saturday) of the free book giveaway winner; you just might be pleased to know...

    You Won !!!

    please contact me via my email in my profile with your mailing address so we can get your prize out to you . thank you for your support for our adoption fundraiser .

    Congratulations Jan's Funny Farm :)

  3. 'Us4' cats - not 'uss4' (as url'ed aboved)'s late, i didnt spell check. well, you know who we are :) LOL!

  4. Thanks for your comments on our blog, and for updating the cat blogosphere :)


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