Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Purring Squirrel

Jan is so far behind she can't catch up to herself, so we're kind of banned from the computer for a couple of days while she tries to make a dent in the mountain. She hasn't even had time to add prices to Jan's Funny Farm Fair. Or to make new designs for our Zazzle store. But we don't want you to think we have forgotten you, so we're posting this cute video a friend just sent us.  We know you will enjoy it.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We were one of the winners of the Ozark Mountain Cats' MO-Cats Day contest.  We're real excited about this because it means Jan can't complain about us getting furs on her pillow any more.

Have a fun weekend.  We're planning to catch up on our sleep.  If we can, we'll sneak in another post.

PS -- We apologize for turning on comment moderation, which we hate, but we are getting spammed again.  Yesterday it was an escort service and today was the last straw. Blogger has been making wise decisions as to what constitutes spam with their new system,.but the escort did slip by them.  :)  We're a family blog.  We hope this will only be temporary.


  1. That baby squirrel is really cute, and the mama kitty is very sweet to take him in. We did notice that in the video, the baby squirrel tried to nibble on one of the kittens' feets, so we are not sure squirrels can be trusted. Those kittens probably should sleep with one eye open just in case.

    Congratulations on winning those pretty pillow cases for Ozark Mt. Cats.

  2. What a great video and it would be good to see how Lucky fares as a cat...I've heard it's a pretty good life...especially when you have humans like these!

  3. Now that is what we mean by saying we all need to get along! Purrfect story!

  4. Awwww Rocky the adorable squirrel adoptee and honorary kitten is so cute! Aww what a lovely lovely story - good for mum cat and her babies!!

    Awww this has really made my evening!!

    And CONGRATULATIONS with your win!! Fantastic news!

    Have a great weekend too all at Jan's Funny Farm!!

    Take care

  5. What an amazing video! Such a lovely mama cat!


  6. What an amazing video! Such a lovely mama cat!


  7. Truly a Siberian's dream!

    PeeEssWoo: KhonKhats on the win - sorry 'bout the spam - we've been furry happy with what blogger has been khatching fur us

  8. That kitty taking care of the squirrel is so beautiful! We all hate spam so we understand!!!

  9. hello jans funny farm its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh yes i hayt spammers!!! altho for sum reezon trixie sez that i am wun myself now i hav no ideea why!!! ok bye

  10. Greetings,

    I am so very happy for this post because of the video. When I showed it to dad, he finally broke out in a smile, as he did not have one all day. He spent part of mid-day in the garden in contemplation and prayer because of the anniversary of 9/11.

    Thank you for sharing a purrrfect video,
    Miss Kitty

  11. PS: Daddy wanted me to tell you that he uses an anti spam link. If you check out my blog, there at the very bottom is 'Spam Poison'. Just click on it to get to their website and copy the code in order to add it to your blog as HTML/Java script. He has had no problems on any of his other blogs. So I guess it has been working especially since he was spammed three times before when he did not use it. Good luck.

    Miss kitty

  12. That's absolutely amazing and sooooo cute !


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