Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coon, Bird and Skip

In January we wrote a post on our New woofie Names -- Watch Where You're Going, Stop Yanking & Don't Step On My Toe.

Sam, Merci & Buddy

Today we'd like to tell you about our other woofie names.

Before Jan's injured toe became infected and she could barely walk for the first few months of 2010, we used to walk her up the hill and to the end of the street twice a day.  Now she's a wimp and can't climb the hill so we have to do two half laps twice a day on more level ground instead of one long one.  There is one old man up the hill who used to greet us whenever we walked by.  One day he mentioned since he didn't know our names, he'd bestowed his own.

Coon, Bird and Skip.  Can you figure out which of us is which? 

The man said Buddy sounds like his daddy's old coon dog.

Sam is obviously a Pointer (mix) - a bird dog.

And although we'll never know what breeds Merci is, it doesn't matter.  Cars used to stop so the driver could tell Jan Merci is limping.  But there is nothing wrong with Merci.  She doesn't limp, she skips when she walks, especially when she's happy.

Now Coon, Bird and Skip we can live with.  But Watch Where You're Going, Stop Yanking & Don't Step On My Toe  have to go.

We are sad.  Sniffie of Friends Forever blog had to leave for the bridge Tuesday morning.  We thought/hoped she would have more time.  It is so hard to say good-bye but eventually the time comes when we have to let go because that's a part of loving them.


  1. Those are pretty good nicknames!

  2. What clever names your neighbor Bein gave each of ya!

  3. We were very sad to hear about Sniffing as well...we had so hoped that she had more time here on earth with us, but know in our hearts that she is being greeted at and well taken care of at the rainbow bridge...we also know that Sharon gave Sniffing a loving, happy and caring home, and for that Sniffing was very blessed.

  4. Love the nick names.. I was so sad to hear about Sniffie. It was far too early.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Hi Funny Farmers - long time no woof! Am back from holiday (well, from the petsitter actually - it was my humans who went on holiday!) and catching up with all my blog friends!

    That is a cool story about your "nicknames"! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Oh I don't know, I kind of like the long versions! I want to hear you calling them. ;)

  7. Jan's names for you are pretty funny!

  8. I love it that Merci skips when she walks. I agree that the long nicknames have to go. I am also very sad about Sniffie.

  9. Jan's nick names are awesome!! I'm so sorry and sad to hear about Sniffie.

    Oscar The Cat


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