Friday, July 23, 2010

Purrs for Delilah, Auction, Photos

Unless you're a new blogger, you know Dr Tweety, Delilah, Maximillian, Iris & Auntie Stinkie -- the Fab Five. They haven't been blogging regularly for a while because their dad had serious health problems. (He's doing better.) But they are not forgotten!

Delilah tore her cruciate ligament completely and has to have a $1600 operation in August to repair it. Without it, she will never walk right again.

We'll let their mom tell you more about it --

It is a complete cranial cruciate ligament rupture of her left rear knee joint. She is limping pretty badly and on some powerful oral anti-inflammatory meds. She's a trooper though, and has lost 3/4 of a pound on her new prescription diet. Everyone is pretty proud of our garden girl. She can sit under her favorite tomato plant but is tempted to crash through the flower beds after swallowtail butterflies... not good for her knee however.

Right now I am most worried about Delilah coming through the surgery without complications. She also has a seizure disorder, so I worry about her getting through anesthesia. We have already been charged $400. to run tests on her liver and kidney function and for her visit with a visiting "big city" orthopedic doc who has the skills to do this surgery. We live rural, so our regular vet doesn't do the repair. Hopefully she will regain 90-95 percent of her movement with the surgery. She's only five, so it makes sense. Otherwise she would eventually need a little cart just to walk. The knee is just "flopping."

We have to keep her confined for eight weeks following. And, keep her from jumping onto things and going up or down stairs! Now talk about herding cats! We're debating how we are going to do this. Baby gates,small pens, removing furniture. Everyone (including us) sleeping on the floor?????

What we could use help with is reassurance and advice from others in the CB and cats who have had this surgery and what their experience has been like.

So, we hope one or more of you can offer a little advice on how to keep Delilah safe for an eight week confinement in a lively cat household and/or this type of injury/surgery.

We Funny Farmers send lots of warm purrs and gentle tail wags for Delilah to have a successful surgery and recuperation!

We'd like to remind you a new auction  begins today.

This auction promises to have something for everyone thanks to our wonderful furries that have donated items for you to bid on. All money raised will help Maxie pay for his vet bills. These bills were incurred due to a vet that made a horrible mistake. Our photo contest for Maxie was a great success with many photos being submitted and many voting for their favorite photos. The winners of the summer photo contest will be announced on July 25. The winners in each category, there are four, will be given gifts custom picked by me, Gracie. Head over to the auction blog and see what great items are waiting for you. Again, thanks to all who have helped with their donations of money or items. Gracie, Head Auctioneer.

So stop by the Furriends of the CB Auction and check out the new donations for Maxie's vet bills.

When we decided on the spur of the moment yesterday to post the list of entries in our photo contest to make it easier for readers to view them, we made a big oopsie! We updated yesterday's post but many of you had already visited and missed the two links we forgot to include. So we are re-posting them for your convenience. We assure you, though, that they were not omitted from the drawing!  Again, thanks to all of you who participated in the photo contest. 

Have a purring and tail wagging day.

PS -- We had this all ready to auto post, but we came across some news on Maxie we'd like to share with you regarding the dentist who did the cleaning.  Maxie is the kitty who went in for a dental cleaning and went home with a life threatening esophagus problem.   You can read the update here.


  1. We are already purring hard for Delilah.

  2. From Delilah:
    Thank you so much Jan and the Funny Farmers for helping me to get some good advice for my post surgery recovery.
    I don't think I want August to be here, but I know that I have to have the surgery any way.
    At least I can get through it with the help of my friends at the CB.
    Purrs and good feelings help me to not be scared.
    Love from all of us here at the Fab Five house,
    Delilah, Dr Tweety, Iris, Maximillian, Auntie Stinkie, Mommy, and Daddy

  3. Oh my goodness! Poor Delilah - purrs purrs purrs for her!!! And thanks for the update on Maxie!! It's brilliant that Maxie is hanging on and defying all expectations (Go Maxie!!) but it's so heartbreaking too. Purrs purrs purrs to Maxie too!

    And thanks for the links to Ben and Princess Isis's pics - they're lovely - I'm getting quite hooked flicking through the flikr pics!! They're adorable!

    Have a great Friday all at Jan's Funny Farm!

    Take care

  4. Great reminders, thanks...lots happening!

  5. Good news on the Dad, sorry to hear about Delilah. It is a difficult surgery and a long recovery - paws crossed that things go well for her.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. We'll keep crossing our paws for Delilah and family.

    Momo & Pinot

  7. My purrs are comming.. Thank you for telling us.. Hugs GJ x


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