Monday, July 05, 2010

White Rescue Update

We love to tell a story, especially one you won't hear elsewhere. Kind of like Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story."  There are probably more branches to the rescue of the black cat, but this is the only one we have personal knowledge of.

Last Wednesday we posted a story about a black cat in a Georgia shelter that Sparkle and ML had emailed and asked if we might possibly help save. Her euthanasia date was Thursday, July 1. If you missed that post you can read the story here.

Carolyn of All CATS (All Creatures are Truly Special) got in touch with us Wednesday and volunteered to go "bail her out." When she called the shelter, she learned the cat was on hold and the new owner was to return at 3 pm to pick her up. (We had no idea the "adopter" was Bobbi of Cats~Goats~Quotes and that the cat would be going to a new home in Arizona.) They told her of a white cat that had the same euthanasia date as the black one. So Carolyn said she would pick the white one up Thursday, and in case the new owner of the black cat didn't return (they often don't), Carolyn would also pick up her.

The fact that a second cat was being rescued was exciting news to many of you. And to us. However, we need to tell you that Carolyn did not go to the shelter Thursday and pick up the white cat.

We don't think Carolyn would mind if we tell this in her own words:

You know me too well. I took not only the white female, but all 5 of her kittens. Since they are 12 weeks old, they cost me $65.00 dollars each, but I couldn't leave her babies. Doesn't matter if I eat bread and crackers for a month, they are worth it. There is also a Siamese there that will be up for adoption in 5 days. I intend to get her, too. She is old, but very loving and healthy. My name is the only one on her adoption list, so I feel confident I will get her. I have promised to pay for her care while she is there, so hopefully she won't get sick in the meantime.

Today, Monday, the kittens will be going to their new homes. Yes, the kittens all have new homes already. The white cat and also the Siamese when she's available for adoption will be Carolyn's. They won't be shelter cats.

So, Sparkle, you did not pound the keyboard in vain. The black cat was pulled before the deadline and as a spin-off, 6 other felines that we are aware of were also rescued in time. The Siamese will make 7.

Oh, Carolyn asked, Do you think it would be OK to name the white cat "Sparkles"? It actually suits her, with her sparkling blue eyes.

We think that sounds like the perfect name for the rescued white cat.

We've never met Carolyn in person but we've been aware of her rescue work for a number of years. We've posted on her and All CATS a number of times, especially during the aftermath of Katrina when Carolyn and her son volunteered their time to rescue stranded/abandoned animals.  Like most rescues, every dollar donated helps to provide food, shelter, vet care, heat in winter, cooling in summer, kennels, etc. for the animals.  If you can spare a dollar or two, it would really help.  Click on the Donate button.  

Carolyn isn't aware we're making this request.. But we know any rescue can always use help. And it does help the animals. 

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Thanks purry much fur sharing this -

    It sounds like she's from the same special breed of human that writes this blog


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this news with us. Mom said she would like to donate but since her credit card is still in process she can't donate anything. We will see how it works, if we cant donate this time, we might help in another time. Mom has promise to help anyone as she could so for now I'm just gonna send prayers to all of them =]


  3. Wot a lovely heartwarming story for a Monday morning. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh what wonderful people! Thank you Sparkle and Carolyn and Bobbi and Jan for all your concerted efforts to help these about to be killed healthy kitties. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Me and Charlie think Sparkles is a beautiful and apt name for the white kitty with the sparkling blue eyes! Any name yet for the sweet Siamese kitty? It's sure to be lovely!

    This is a wonderful beginning to this week! yay!

    Take care

  5. That really is a totally wonderful story and it makes my whiskers grin up!!!

  6. This warms our heart and we thinks Sparkles is the purrfect name for the white cat. We were so happy to here that Carolyn rescued her kittens too and found them homes and how lucky the Siamese is that Carolyn will go back to get her.

    We are very proud of Sparkle and how she pounded the key board to save these cats.

  7. What a wonderful story!! We were wondering about white cat and if she had been rescued. Carolyn is a saint for taking her in...and her kittens...and the siamese!!! Mom says there's a special place in heaven for people like Carolyn. And good for Sparkles for being so diligent about putting the word out!!

    Thank you for telling the rest of the story! We'll ask our mom if she can make a donation.

  8. That is a heart warming story - it sets the week off right.

  9. Hope u had a pawsome 4th~!!!

  10. What a great story. Carolyn has special place in many kitties hearts, including ours!

  11. That is such a great story. We are so glad that Carolyn got not only the white cat but all the kittens too. What a great job to find them homes so soon.

  12. Yay for new homes. Yay! :)

  13. Thanks so much for the update - I was wondering if Carolyn had come for the white kitty, and this is even BETTER news! I am purring with joy.

  14. Thanks so much for the update - I was wondering if Carolyn had come for the white kitty, and this is even BETTER news! I am purring with joy.

  15. what a touching story! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. We're so happy to hear that so many kitties have gotten forever homes from that story!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. Great, great story. So glad to hear the kitties got new homes!

  18. Great story...we helped post about it on twitter and facebook. Glad to hear so many cats found homes. Is the white cat with blue eyes deaf - they usually are - our Al is.

  19. Kudos to Carolyn, Sparkles, Bobbi and you. This story just made my week!

    Have a good one, JFF!

  20. What a lovely, heartwarming story to start the week.. thanks for sharing.

  21. That is an awesome story! Glad to hear all the kitties got new homes! And yes, like MoMo said: Kudos to all of you who did wonderful work rescuing the kitties who need it!


  22. Wow...Such an amazing, heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing!


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