Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hyperactive Contortionist

Since this post is about me, I think I should be the one to write it. I'm Buddy and I'm here to tell you when I have an itch, I scratch it -- one way or another!

It all started in May when I got my annual spring itch. I scratched. I chewed. I drove Jan crazy trying to make me "comfortable." Then Jan started following on Twitter the company that makes the Trimline Veterinary Soft Collar. She liked what she read about their product so she offered to test the product on me and post about it. In no time she had me in a collar.

You can see how happy I was to be wearing it. Well, maybe happy isn't the word. How about comfortable? It's soft and flexible, doesn't interfere with my zzzzzs at all. I can even jump onto Jan's high bed without getting tangled up in the collar and falling like I did when she tried one of the stiff collars on me.  And Jan was thrilled because I stopped chewing on myself and and it was so easy to clean -- just throw it in the washing machine with the laundry. 

Do not listen to Sam. I was NOT crying in this photo. I was yawning. See, I have plenty of room to open wide and howl if I so desire. I can even head-butt Sam without hurting myself if he keeps giving me a hard time.

Okay, Jan, why isn't Sam wearing one of these too?

Hahaha. Now the collar's on Sam. It kind of matches his one blue eye, doesn't it!

Here I am wearing my crown ... um, collar and watching the squirrels in the back yard. One of my favorite pastimes when the weather is nice.(This was taken in May, before Georgia turned into a sauna.)

This is my very favorite pastime. Eating. See, I have no problem sticking my face in the bowl to lick it clean. Hey, Jan, I'm available to wash dishes!

See, the collar was okay and I tried to be good. But by the second day I couldn't stand it any longer.I had to scratch my itch! And so I did. I turned, stretched and chewed.

Jan was disappointed, but determined. She put both collars on me but I still stretched and chewed.

So she called the company and this is what she learned from Albert Benbaset the owner of the Trimline Company:

In 8 years they have sold over 2 million collars in the US, Canada & overseas -- Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

At a veterinarian conference, Albert was told the collar will work with every dog or cat not hyperactive or a contortionist. It will cover 99% of dogs. No problem with cats.

The collar offers total free movement. But the head must be entirely inside the cone. If the snout sticks out, there can be a problem. The collar is adjustable. It should be tied so your human can put her/his fingers through tightly. If the collar is loose, it will slide down your neck.

Well, Jan tried tying my collar tighter and I continued to chew on my backside if and when I wanted to. She put the collar on Sam and took him outside to play fetch. The collar stayed put. She switched it to me, tying it the same way, and in no time it had slid down my neck.

As Albert reminded Jan during their chat, this is mainly a RECOVERY collar. I wasn't recovering. I was active and healthy. But I itched. And we all know how demanding an itch can be. Especially for us "hyperactive contortionists." (Jan is so glad she finally has a label for me.)

I didn't mind wearing it and I would recommend it for a kitty or doggy. Because any animal recovering from surgery wouldn't have my energy level and wouldn't be able to stretch so far either. This is so much more comfortable than a "cone!"

There is a different price for wholesale (vet) and retail (pet parent). Here are the prices for each:

4” for kittens and puppies Vet price: $5.80 Retail price: $ 11

5½” for cats and small dogs Vet price: $5.90 Retail price: $12

6½” for small to medium dogs Vet price: $8.40 Retail price: $15

8” for medium to large dogs Vet price: $11.20 Retail price: $20

9½” for large dogs Vet price: $12.60 Retail price: $24

Available for purchase at all distributers or For ordering details, call toll free: 800-371-0216 or visit

No pets were harmed in the testing of this collar and neither Jan nor I were paid for this review.

I'm going to go rest now. After 2 1/2 hours working on this post and just as I finished, our browser, email and Windows XP decided to start a fist fight again. We lost and Jan had to shut down the computer. We're only up long enough to get this posted. (Paws crossed!)

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. What a great looking collar - Hsin-Yi was especially interested to hear about how you could put it in the laundry - I had to wear one of these after my spay and it was made of plastic and as you can imagine, it caught all my dribbles and slobbers and food bits got embedded in the folds and...oh, it was really disgusting! And although it was plastic, it was HUGE (coz for me) and so Hsin-Yi couldn't even fit it all into a sink to wash it properly...with me, anythign that can be washed in the laundry is a good idea! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. I know you don't want to hear this but you look so CUTE in your two collars.

    Now, stop scratching that itch ...

    When Bells chews her foot which she likes to do a lot .. I use the corti spray on it. Works for her but I'm sure you already tried that.

  3. Looks good to me. Not that I really need a cone :)

  4. That was an awesome and detailed review. We didn't even know they made soft collars. If we ever need one, mom said she will go for a soft collar option. Fanks.

  5. I shall keep this collar in mind for the future! I always thought the stiff plasticky ones were a bit harsh and not comfy for the furry ones - so thank you Jan and thank you Buddy and Sam for testing these out!

    Me and Charlie hope your itch has now disappeared Buddy!

    Take care

  6. Furry interesting produkht -

    Woo surely have a talent to make any human proud!


  7. We didn't know anyone made soft collars either and think it's a brilliant idea. Good review, Buddy!

  8. Thanks for all the great information and review of the collar; it seems a great alternative to the hard plastic ones...Great modeling job, Buddy and Sam, you are both very handsome boys!...kisses and hugs sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Hello!
    I do love this flexible collar too! I think all of the pets who are "forced" to wear those stiff Elizabethan collars after surgery are barking their praise to you fur bringing this amazing, versatile product to their human's attention! Bravo!

  10. Yup, Buddy, if a fella itches, he's gotta do something about it!!!!!! Do you have an allergy??

    Great review and mama says she will keep the collar in mind in case she ever needs it for us boys. xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Very cute review! Thanks Buddy!

  12. Can you get ice cream with your cone?

  13. Oh no! Mum was only warning me today that she would get me a collar. I scratched and made an owie under my eye and she keeps putting gel on it, but I keep digging at it.

  14. That is a very good idea. You did a terrific job trying it out even if the itchies won in the end.

  15. Mom says that collar looks really nice and comfy. Nothing like that plastic thing. Mom sure wished she had one awhile back for one of her woofy's after his surgery. Poor Buddy, so sorry you are having such a rough time with your itching. Maybe you are allergic to something. But I am sure that Mom Jan has already checked all that out. Hope your feeling more comfortable soon Buddy.


  16. Happy Birthday to Percy! What would we do without the CB and KC?

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERCY! We hope we're not too ealy for the party? Yo are having a party for Percy, aren't yoo?

  18. Poor Guy....we hope that itch goes away! Great review!

    Love to all the Funny Farmers

  19. It's Friday the 9th and we're stopping by to wish Percy a very happy birthday!!!!

  20. Thanks for the info on the collar. We were wondering if their was something to help you not itch. Mommy says itching is miserable. She gotted in poison ivy again.


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