Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red Clay and Hairball Barf

Look what Jan surprised us with for her birthday! Yep, you read that right. She saved her birthday present and spent it on us. She was going to buy groceries with it, but she decided we're special needs furries. Isn't that sweet, she thinks we're special.

What do you mean you don't know what it is? It's a carpet. To cover the area where we furries snooze most often.

You might -- or might not -- remember Jan's trials and errors with covering this unsealed wood floor that is splintering from the humidity. Well, you certainly remember our post on the splinter under her fingernail. Dr. Buddy was quite helpful in removing it.  The splinter, not the fingernail.

Jan tried several types of carpet in here, including indoor/outdoor, but none of them worked. She finally gave up. But when she was putting the new chair together for our next review, she turned it on it's "face" and when she set it upright again, the material was coated with very small splinters. That scared her because we all sprawl on the floor. When her brother was here he turned the chair over to tighten the screws and the same thing happened.

This time Jan went to a carpet place and checked out linoleum and carpet remnants. She checked the weight of both and there was no way she could get either out of the car and carry it, or lay it by herself.  She decided on a thick area rug. It went from tailgate to dashboard and was a struggle to carry up the steps.  Not for us.  We just watched.

Here's Sam testing the new carpet.

Jan says we'll have it tracked with red clay and stained with hairball barf in no time.  We say we'll just make it look homey.  And if we run out of groceries next month, we can always eat the rug. Surely carpet is on the list of approved fiber sources for furries.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. It's quite a snazzy looking carpet for all of you too!

  2. Hmmm ... it's really smart and nice but did they have a red clay and furball colour option? MOL!

  3. Awww it's a lovely carpet!! And just right to keep those nasty splinters out and you gorgeous furries safe and sound!!! What a lovely thought from Jan!! We hope that if you do end up eating the carpet she at least can make you nice gravy! LOL!!

    But seriously!! Me and Charlie love the carpet especially if it keeps you all safe!

    Take care

  4. We likes the rug, it looks purrty and comfortable.

  5. That's a great area rug! No matter if it's soon covered in hairballs and clay...it looks comfy and will keep you all from getting splinters!

  6. I had no idea tht Jan's birthday was coming up. I am sorry I missed it but I am leaving late birthday wishes for her. I hope you all gave her a break on her special day. How wonderful of her to think of you and share with you. It was so nice of her to think of your little furries (and big one too) being on that floor that wants to shoot splinters into everything. This way you can snuggle down in a safe place. Looks nice too! Matches morst of your fur colors. I think if you track it up it will add character to the rug, tell Jan not to worry about that.

  7. PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan is the best!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  8. We likes it. Carpet/Fiber. MOL!

  9. That looks like it will do a great job of keeing the splinters covered, and also it might look kind cool with some red clay and hairball barf on it. We know we would have to try it if we had one like that!

  10. Oh, look at all that beige to barf on...we're feeling queasy just thinking of it! heh heh.

    Glad you are safe from splinters!

  11. That is a great looking (soon to be barfed on) rug! Mom's bedroom rug looks polka~dotted with all the stains we leave her. She says she's getting a DARK brown rug next time.

  12. That is a beautiful carpet but we hear her on the red clay - you know we have that white carpet here - no fun on a muddy day:(

    Good luck, and you pups and kitties - wipe your paws.
    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Jan is super nice, how can one thinks of others before herself?
    Haha, eat the rug, it sure is a rich source of fiber! And you sure soon decorate the rug with muddy paw prints, slobbers, you name it!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to you Jan.

    You are so good to use your birthday mad money on all the furries. No wonder they all love you.

    Hey guys,
    Cool New rug. you guys all look like your enjoying it very much

  15. I always wonder if they pick out the spots they want to trash early, kind of like calling shotgun...

  16. That's a great carpet, I love carpets too, but I have to train little Ollie not to use ours as a toilet !
    Love from Bella.

  17. Aw...that is SO NICE of Jan!! You guys are all so lucky to have her as your human. I know what you mean about carpet - I hate my new house in Brisbane because it is covered in scary, slippery, wooden floor - my humans have put down some carpet for me but they can't cover it completely and back in NZ, I have always been used to having soft carpet to walk on and lie on!

    Honey the Great Dane

  18. BEAUTIFUL NEW CARPET!!! Hope the Farmers enjoy sleeping on it!!!


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