Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our New Blogging Chair

Hi, Cyndi here. I'm going to introduce our new office chair.  It arrived a couple of weeks ago and Jan assembled it.  We've already told you how Jan is ... is ... well, don't give her assembly directions and tools unless you're looking for entertainment. 

She checked that all the parts were in the box. She couldn't find the screws -- 3 to connect the back and the seat and one for each arm rest -- but it turned out they were already inserted.  Just remove and reattach when necessary.  So she proceeded to step one.  Only she wasn't sure about the 5 photos (no directions, only photos).  She emailed for help and was given a website to view assembly steps.

It was a little better.  But she had wrestled the heavy pieces around obstacles to drape over the back of the couch for easier accessibility.  On the way, she cleared a desk, knocked over a TV stand piled with papers and books --  It was a bit tricky going back and forth through the mess to read the online directions.  When she finished, the living room looked like Sam's tail had gone berserk -- everything possible was on the floor. The chair was together but the screws to the back and the arm rests were loose.  Jan just couldn't tighten them properly.  She suggests two humans for assembly.  One to wrestle the chair and tighten the screws -- preferable a well-muscled male human.  The other -- likely a female human  to pick up the mess the male human makes -- to supervise.

When we stopped laughing -- and only after Mr. Doug finally came by and tightened the screws properly -- it was time to test the chair.  This is our part in the assembly.

Cameron: Just a minute, Cyndi. I'm checking it out right now. I think the chair needs to be moved closer to the desk so I can reach the keyboard..

Percy: Jan, what's with the burgundy chair? I'm the main typist here. Why isn't it green to match my eyes?

Rusty: Hey, this chair is very comfortable. And the seat is big enough for a mancat my size to sit comfortably. But it's hard to see the monitor from this angle.

CottonRusty, why don't you turn around and face the desk?

Rusty:Because there's an upset Percy there.

Percy: Rusty, you're sitting in my chair.

Rusty: But you didn't like the color, Percy, and it is my turn to test it.

Percy: I changed my mind.  The chair matches the drapes and the new rug.  And my black stripes go with any color. But the next chair is going to be green!

Merci: It's about time I get a turn. Buddy, can you give the chair a push for me? I think it rolled backward when I jumped on it.

Buddy: Sure. Sam, lend me your nose. Together, we can move this so Merci can be more comfortable.

Sam: Okay, but it's my turn next.

Buddy: Here, I'll help you down. Is it my turn yet?

Merci: No, you promised Sam he's next. Sam! Sam, wake up!

Sam: zzzzzzzzzz.

We think the new office chair is terrific. It has several adjustment features so each of us can be comfortable. Jan loves it, says it's so comfortable to sit in. And it's a heavy, sturdy chair, so it should last. Since Jan spends so many hours sitting in it, she thinks her opinion matters. But this is our journal, so her opinion only matters when it agrees with ours. We agree with her today, although we can't attest to it being heavy, since we haven't destroyed the living room carrying it around. We'll take her word for that. Sturdy? Well, it supports Jan and she outweighs Sam.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. It is khwite a good kholour!

    I think Mom has had AGJ in that kholour!

    My mom understands the 'fun' associated with putting together what appears to be a 'simple' chair - she broke khwite a sweat when she put one together a few years ago!


  2. Cool Chair!! It looks like it will be very comfortable!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  3. I don't think Jan is going to have too much time in the new chair.

  4. LOL!! OH you are just all crazy!! I'm still laughing so hard, Charlie's ran off! LOL!

    That chair looks good and sturdy and comfy! And best of all it got paws up approval from both kitties and woofies! Yay!!

    Well done lovely Jan for assembling a difficult contraption and for supervising Mr Doug (who did a fab job of tightening screws!!) :-)

    Take care

  5. that's pawsome! and now it has an appropriate amount of furs to stick to jans butt!

  6. Methinks if there were s well musceled human male around the chair would still NOT be assembled.

  7. Cool chair - you should all be very comfortable in it.


  8. We think it's a nice looking chair. Good thing Jan has all of you to snoopervise and do quality control for her.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. That looks like a fabulous chair! We're glad you could all manage to put it together!

  10. Wow, what a great-looking chair! We're very impressed you all got it assembled, especially without written instructions and having to go to their web site. Sorry about the mess in the living room, though. LOL.

  11. Very nice chair and it sure looks like it is comfy the way evfurry one wants a turn. Maybe you need to paw at Jan to get a few more.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. The trouble with instructions to help you assemble furniture is that they assume you have a degree in gobbledegook!!

  13. What a fun day all of you had trying out that new chair. It looks like almost everyone got a trial. Glad you approved of it. It does look very comfy. We need one of those here.
    have a great day.

  14. You all did a great job picking the purrfect chair!

  15. Great report!

    Loved the pictures!

  16. A chair isn't a proper chair without pet hair.

  17. Just taking turns ...

  18. We likes the burgundy color and thinks everyone looked nice with it. Mommy says she is glad Jan has somewhere comfy to sit when you jokers let her use the computer.

  19. That sure is one heckuva cool chair you guys got there!

  20. Cool Chair! We loves the color. Time to get it all comfy. With all those cute furry butts in it, won't be long til it's all broken in!

  21. After all that hard work, its a relief that it got everyone's seal of approval!

  22. NIIIIICE chair. the really good chairs are hard to put together... mom loves putting stuff together and it looks like your mom managed perfectly!


  23. Hahahaha...I nevers knew you was actually suppose to read da directions.
    Thanks so much fur stopping by to wish me a happy birfday.


  24. I like it a lot!
    Assembling furniture is always interesting, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  25. We're amazed that you let Jan sit in that new chair!! It looks great!!

  26. Any chair with the werd "Boss" init is probly a good one, since bosses get ta pick their own chairs.

    We wish we coulda seen Jan wreckin the house draggin the chair parts around though... MOL!

  27. Jan - we hope you get to sit in your chair or is it tough luck if you're not there first!!

  28. you all are so verreh good at taking turns!

  29. That is a pawsome new blogging chair!

  30. We've watched our mom putting an office chair together and it was pretty funny. Funny to US...not to HER!

    Penny & Patches

  31. That chair went through a furry thorough testing! You guys rock!!

  32. That is one mighty fine blogging chair!!! Speaking of mom swho can't assemble if their life depended on it......ours doesn't even know which end of a screwdriver is the one to use on the screws. Or what a screw is for that matter.....sigh.

  33. Love the new chair! So glad it is comfortable for Jan, and it sure was nice of the whole gang to be so thorough in testing it out. :)

  34. My goodness so many furry inspectors! This must be an all day event. Great photos!!

  35. I have to agree, that's one good-lookin' chair - I bet it's very good for extended lap naps too!


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