Saturday, July 24, 2010

Psychedelic Power

Last night Jan's brother added another fan to our computer to try to help the overheating problem with the power supply.  She kept checking to be sure both fans were working and the air output didn't feel any hotter than usual, neither was the temperature on a little program monitoring it.  But when she left the room for a few minutes, she returned to a black monitor screen and no computer.  And, oh, did the back of the computer stink!  It was dead.  She was terrified the hard drive had overheated too.

This morning she used the laptop to send a message to let folks know we would be missing for a while because Mr. Doug is working this weekend and it would be at least Tuesday before he would even be able to look at the computer. All the current files and photos she needed to work with were on the PC.. 

Well, did we ever get a surprise!  See, we're not only back up but we're psychedelic now, both inside and out.  This is a partial view of the back of our PC.

Yes, Mr. Doug not only came by after a long, hard day at work, but he saved the day with a power supply he purchased a while back for another computer.  We are so blessed to have Mr. Doug's help! 

We know some of you were praying about the situation and that one of you was busy working on something else to help us.  We appreciate all of you.  Jan was so discouraged she didn't sleep last night. 

Jan's going to be busy printing, categorizing and saving the more recent files that she feared she'd lost, so we might not be posting regularly for a bit, but you've probably gotten used to that with us. .

Have a purring and tail wagging Sunday. 


  1. Groovy!

    Paws khrossed woo khan keep Jan khalmed a bit!


  2. Sorry to hear about the computer problems.

  3. Yeah!
    Your computer is cool!
    I hope everything is in order!
    Happy weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  4. (Cheering) Hip Hip Ho-ray for Mr. Doug. We likes the psychedelic solution.

    Glad you will be able to save your files, paws crossed for all of you. Big slobbery kiss for Jan from Fenris to cheer her up and purrs from us cats.

  5. I had one of those glowing power supplies in my old computer. I used it as a night light! ;-)

  6. Good for you for being back online--even if only to tell us you have more things to do! It's always something isn't it?

  7. Yay for Mr Doug!!! These computer problems are a vexation. SS is an absolute moron and doesn't know a thing about it. We purr and pray that your computer stays well.

  8. So glad to know you are back up and running.

  9. Awww me and Charlie love Mr Doug!! What a kind helpful man to save your pc from extinction and not only revive it but make it all psychedelic blue!!! Yay!!

    We wish you a fab and restful Sunday Jan and all at Jan's Funny Farm!!!

    Take care

  10. Yayy for Mr. Doug getting the PC working again.

  11. I think it's official now, your computer is a member of Jan's Fan Club!

  12. Boy oh boy, you certainly had bad news and really bad news at your place with that computer but then the good news from Mr. Doug. Is he a magician with computers or something? He seems to always work magic on these things. That beyond on nice that he got this fixed and in such a timely mammer. It is wise to save up all of the information. So easy to forget doing that when time flys by so fast. I think many of us have been caught in the same situation, I know the mom here photos of her mom's last birthday in a computer that is down. They are saving the $$$$ to take the computer into a store and see if the things can be saved. Love to all at your place! Happy backing up.

  13. That sure is a great looking color. Glad all went well.

    Essex & Deacon

  14. Hope this all works out for you. You sure don't need more 'puter problems.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Computer problems stink! And this one did literally!
    Has Jan thought about an online backup service? Daddy uses one for his business computer and it's less than $20 a month, and there are less expensive ones, too.


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