Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Photo Contest for Maxie

This announcement on the photo contest for Maxie is from our friend Gracie -- with a few changes from jff. Visit the Furriends of the CB Auction site for more details.

The photo contest fundraiser to help Mom Laura with Maxie's vet bill has been extended until July 17 at midnight! We have added two new themes to be included with the contest: The Lazy Crazy Days of Summer and The Dog Days of Summer. The original theme is July 4 Celebration and you can still enter this theme if you want. 

There are two categories, real and virtual. Photos in the real categories cannot have any photo shopping done to them.

We are asking our doggie friends to join in on the fun so be sure to help spread the word. The doggie photos will be separate from the kitties.

The winners will be chosen by voting done by you on July 18-22. The winners will be given a prize tailored to them picked out by Gracie! The prizes will be purchased new from Pet Smart. $10.00 worth of stuff could be yours. The winners in the real and virtual categories will be announced on July 25.

A week long auction will take place with one super fantastic item up for bidding, July 23-31. Get creative with the camera and put your folks to work.

(s) Gracie, Head Auctioneer & Fundraiser

Have fun entering the contest, every kitty and woofie. All it takes is a photo for one of the categories and a donation of any amount to Maxie's vet fund.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Cool contest! I hope there will be more than enough money raised for Maxie...can't wait to see the results!


  2. This looks like fun and for a Maxie's fees a great cause.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The cats were very good today and didn't wake me till almost 8 am. We've had a nice quiet day with plenty of goodies everyone is very content.

    Thanks again!

    Astor Cats Mom

  4. Thanks so much for helping to get the word out about the summer fun contest! I am hoping that we get some doggie friends to enter. The Dog Days of Summer theme is special for them.
    Thanks also for getting back to the mom when she was having uploading problems. You are the best! Stay cool, yea like that will happen with record highs.

  5. Hey Funny Farmers,
    Good on youse guyes for helping out with this GReat effort. We'll stop over and take a look.
    - TBH&K


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