Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Finger and Delta Society

Today we have two subjects that just kind of fell together. We actually think this post title should be "A Finger for ..." but Jan says we have to be polite.

Anyway, we were kind of confused to read this article on The Delta Society, a non profit that runs a Therapy Animal (Pet Partner) Program that trains pets owners to visit nursing homes and hospitals with their pet. After banning a raw diet and kicking out all therapy pets who eat one, they have now turned the remaining partner teams into a walking advertisement for Purina Pet Food. Yes, they are now partnered with Purina Pet Foods and it says so on every vest. Does this seem right to any readers? It seems just too "coincidental" to us. Are they going to require all dogs in their program to eat Purina foods next? 

You can read the article "This is Nuts" here.

The Delta Society's raw protein diet policy can be found here.

And in case you're wondering about the title, we do have a finger for you. This one.

This finger -- obviously not human -- suddenly appeared on our living room floor after we dogs took Jan on her Thursday evening walk. Jan is scratching her head wondering where it came from. Did Sam pick it up and carry it home without her noticing? It would have fit in his mouth.

Did he find AND EAT one of the large leather work gloves a neighbor gave her and she has around here -- somewhere? She can't find them but she's sure the gloves were not anywhere he could reach.  Work gloves are behind the cat litter box barricade or in a plastic storage container with a lid.  (Oh, Jan doesn't remember this yet but the gloves the neighbor gave her were rubber, not leather.  He used to work at an ice cream plant.)

But Sam is one of those dogs who eats just about anything -- plastic, material, paper, stuffed toys .... Jan tries to keep things away from him but you all know how we kitties love to shove everything onto the floor so we can make more room and be comfortable.

So Jan is concerned. Wondering whether she should worry again.(That's a separate story.) But Sam's not talking. So Jan watches him and worries anyway.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.

PS: The photo contest to help Maxie with his vet bills is open to kitties AND woofies.  Be sure to stop by and enter.


  1. Why do all of woo make it so tough fur her?


  2. Me and Charlie have everything crossed that Sam's ok and didn't eat the rest of that glove thing!! Oh dear!!!

    And just read the link to "this is nuts". Oh dear again. I think Delta Society might as well just come clean and say - we need the monies and Purina's offered and now owns us! :-)

    Take care

  3. Oh my God - I can't believe that about the Delta Society - that's disgusting. Surely they should concern themselves with their own topic (therapy visits) and not get involved in other aspects of the dogs' lives?? And a "charitable" organisation like that shouldn't have any affiliation with a commercial enterprise at all - it's disgusting! There is a Delta Soc here in Oz too - I wonder if they follow the same policies? I have to say, the bit I've read about them (although I haven't gone into detail) - they seemed to be full of bureaucratic rules too - that's why I haven't rushed to join the Therapy team here in Australia with Honey. Not sure I want to get involved...if they've got the same attitude as the US, then I definitely don't want to get involved. (Anyway, we probably wouldn't be able to since we feed the raw diet!)



  4. I really have no words for that. It's just bizarre of the charity to do that!

    hm, I hope Sam didn't eat a glove!

  5. Some of the most mysterious things have been unearthed in the kids "OLD" sandbox by Fenris. So our Mom understands why Jan worries.

  6. One of those weird human traits...called greed!

  7. There was a big article in Whole Dog Journal not long ago about Delta's ban on raw-fed dogs. This new Purina partnership sounds like the other shoe dropping. *thud*

  8. We can only hope that Sam chews his food well...

    We loathe people who sell out...

  9. Oh-oh!
    I hope Sam did not eat the other part of the glove!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. We Poodles have very discriminating tastes, but the dogs will eat anything.
    Misty the alpha Poodle

  11. I know how you can figure out who and if I was eaten. Remember the rule: what goes in comes out. If you know what I am saying. Keep an eye out.

  12. That is just terrible about the Delta Society. Seems like it's all about the money...

    We are purring and praying that Sam is okay.

  13. Hey, we love Evo Stinkey Goodness! If we wore Evo Vests, could we get free Evo food?

  14. Sam, we think you get unfairly accused for giving your Mom the finger. Wait, that's not exactly what we meant ...

    We also stopped by to thank you very much for your condolences for Tammy Faye. Her fambly is very appreciative of all the support from the Cat Blogosphere.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel


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