Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Panther, Archi and a Trio

The other day things were looking very bad for Panther kitty, but amazingly he is improving. Panther lives in Malaysia. He had a rough start in life that left him disabled, and then he was hit by a car. You can read Panther's story and updates on CrizCats.


We were sorry to learn one of our favorite bunnies died unexpectedly Sunday. We hope you will stop by Archie's Antics and leave an encouraging message for her mum if you haven't already done so. She will leave the site up as a tribute to Archi Ann but she now blogs on Archie's Mum.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, no matter how careful we try to be.


This trio of animals is amazing. As the owner suggests, we should all get along so well.


  1. I am very relieved that Panther is doing better now!

  2. We are purring very hard for Panther. He has had such a hard life!

  3. We are so happy that Panther is feeling better. This video is amazing! We let Mommy up from bed rest for a little while so that we could visit our friends!

  4. Fank you for sharing the news - and that great video!

  5. Panther get better soon!
    We loved that video! The best part was the cat licking the rat!

  6. ohh...thx for sharing that cool video, mommy haz it in another version on her blog, but this one is truly amazing too, because the 3of them get along each other so well & lovingly:) especially when the cat licking the rat;) and the dog so cool indeed, the cat's expression is so irrisistible!

  7. What an amazing video.....

  8. I am glad that Panther is doing better. I haven't visited as it makes the mom of the house cry when she reads about him. He is such a sweet dear.
    So sorry to hear about the bunnies going to the bridge. Too many sad things.

  9. I'm glad to hear Panther is doing good - it's so good to hear happy stories

    and wanted to thank you for the kind words and reminder that sometimes things just happen - i did think it was working. but won't make the mistake again ;-) thank you for your post on my blog - i'm trying to get by and somehow thank everyone - i was overwhelmed by the support

  10. I am glad to hear that Panther is doing better. I am very sad about Archi Ann. I will really miss her. The video is amazing.


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