Friday, May 02, 2008

Scary Eye and Simon Cowell

All the photos are posted and the voting has begun on Deetz's Scary Eye Contest. The entries have been divided into 5 categories. Samaritan and Merci are in the Very Scary Eye division. You can find the rules on Deetz - Scary Eye Contest. If you haven't already, stop by and vote.


The other day we were sent a link to Which Celebrity Is Your Cat? We felines didn't want to answer the quiz for all 6 of us, so we drew orange hairs to choose just one of us to represent the club. (We plucked 8 long orange hairs from Rusty's coat and 1 short orange hair from Crystal's.) Percy drew the short hair, so we answered all the questions for him.

Now, Percy is a laid back, friendly kitty. But after we answered all the strange questions that offered us choices totally removed from Percy's personality, we were all flabbergasted to get the message .....

Oh, we hate to do this to Percy. It's so embarrassing.

Your cat is Simon Cowell!

Enterprising, brassy and not afraid to meowing what's on his mind, Percy is Idol-maker Simon Cowell!

There's no beating around the bush with Percy and flattery will get you nowhere. Percy calls it like he sees it, and stands firm on all fours behind his decisions. The cat definitely does not have Percy's tongue—some of his pals think he's bitter and confrontational, while others find him to be impawsibly hilarious. Percy's influence on those around him is remarkable, and he takes advantage of this fact and uses it wisely. Behind his no-nonsense mask, Percy is a perceptive sponge, taking in what he sees and hears around him, and then figuring out how to make it look, or sound, better.

Bitter and confrontational? Well, Percy is mortified and he's been wandering around the house wearing a disguise ever since. We tried to get a photo of him wearing his disguise but he wants to remain incognito until the shame wears off.

Well, we were horrorstruck. What had we done wrong? So we took the site up on its offer and took the quiz again to see if we got different results.

Your cat is Will Smith!

A fresh prince in the pursuit of happiness, Percy is megastar Will Smith!

Putting the jazz back in jazzy, Percy is always moving and grooving to the beat of his own internal drum. Not one to settle for second best, Percy only takes on projects that are sure to draw attention and improve his pawpularity in the pack. Percy's broad appeal across breed, age and gender lines means that his actions often lead to his being named best in show. Smooth, suave and debonair... he's the perfect pet to take home to Mommy. Not lacking in the looks department, Percy‘s toothy grin would send even the most furrocious group of alien invaders spinning helplessly back into space.

This is better but Percy believes he won't ever live down the embarrassment of being called a Simon Cowell.

If you want to try the quiz for yourself, you can take it at Which celebrity is your cat? There is also a quiz for dogs at Which celebrity is your dog?


  1. We've got the try this quiz. It seems like lots of fun!

  2. Imagine how fashion model Skeezix felt to be "Simon Cowell" the most unfashionable man on television!

  3. Oh, Percy, I feel for you! I also took the quiz and was named Simon Cowell! How embarrassing!

    I'm not as bad as that Simon dude, am I? I'm sure you aren't, either!

    Don't worry Percy, at least you don't have to live down the embarrassment alone...

    It's FURDAY already, and I hope you all have a grrrrEAT weekend!


  4. Woo! I'm a Simon Cowell too! Mom said it fits me to a "T". Hrrrmph.

  5. Yep, our Callie is 18 years old! And Lucy is 17. Our kitty-who-came-before, Millard, was 22 when she went to the Bridge. Our mom says her homemade catfood works miracles - we hardly ever get sick, and we plan to live forever!

    Percy, don't worry - I was Simon Cowell, too! :-)


  6. I was matched up with Simon too!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  7. It looks like lots of kitties got stuck being Simon Cowell. You are not alone, Percy. I am glad that you took the quiz again and got to be Will Smith instead. I will definitely check out the Scary Eyes contest.

  8. I think we will skip the quizz, we might get told we are someone even worse then that Simon dude. Don't worry about it Percy, we all know you aren't like him at all.

    We will go vote for you in the scary eye contest. Charybdis has a scary looking tail now. But she is feeling much better today. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  9. Percy, dude, I know exactly how you feel..I turned out to be called Simon Cowell as well, and THAT'S JUST WRONG!!! And I won't even bother retaking that horrid quiz..blech!

  10. Poor Percy. We can totally understanding having to take the quiz again after being called Simon Cowell!

  11. BOL!
    We should check out that quiz sometime!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  12. hehe, the girlcat Ballicai tooked the quiz, and Dorydoo gotted Madonna and Marilyn gotted Oprah Winfrey!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. I helped Levi take the quiz and he turned out to be a George Cloney type. LOL

    Levi's mom

  14. We took that quiz, too! It told us that Ari is most like Madonna: we were both a little disappointed by those results. But our friend, Bentley, turned out to be Al Gore, and that appealed to the caninaturalist greatly.

  15. Really? Simon Cowell? I can't see it.
    Play bows,

  16. Mmmm, Simon Cowell, I think I would be a bit embarrassed about that too, FAZ

  17. Thanks for mentioning the scary eye voting, it has been so pawsome and fun... Celebrity profile was alot of fun too


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