Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I Go, Let Me Go

Cotton: Buddy, you're my brother and I love you.

Buddy: Thanks, it's nice to hear you say that.

Merci: We all love you, Buddy, but .....

Buddy: But? But what?

Percy: But if Jan ever decides to clone you, we're leaving home!

Buddy: But why? What have I done to you?

Cyndi: You haven't done anything to any of us, Buddy.

Crystal: You're unique, Buddy. One of a kind.

Samaritan: What about me? Am I one of a kind too?

Rusty: Of course you are! We're all unique. Look at us. We don't look anything alike and we're brother and sisters.

Cameron: Yes, we're all different. Can you imagine if we all looked alike?

Merci: Yes, that would be weird. Jan loves each of us. I don't think she would want us to be clones of each other.

Buddy: What's a clone? Is that where someone creates a fake me?

Cotton: Exactly! A fake Buddy. One "created" to look like you but isn't you.

Crystal: I read today that cats have been cloned and now dogs.

Cyndi: Why would anyone want a fake Buddy?

Percy: Yes, why? We like the Buddy we have, don't we?

Rusty: Well, I think it's sad that humans are actually cloning animals to look like animals that have died. That doesn't make any sense to me, especially when there are millions of animals being killed in shelters every year.

Cameron: Yes, Rusty, you and Merci were adopted from the shelter. You could have been among the ones who didn't come out of it alive.

Samaritan: Humans are hard to understand. Some of them treat us like throwaway trash and others can't let us go when we die. Death happens to all of us eventually.

Buddy: Yes, it does. And I hope when I die, Jan won't try to clone me. I want to be the only me - um, the only Buddy she ever rescued.

Samaritan: Me too. I mean, I want to be her only Samaritan. And I hope she loves me enough to let go when my time comes.

Buddy: Good. We're all agreed on this. So let's go watch the squirrels in the back yard.

Cotton: Good idea. Jan won't be interested in cloning any of us, so we don't need to bookmark Best Friends Again (NOT the same as Best Friends Animal Society) for her. And we don't want to let her know about the idiots, um, company offering to clone the dogs of the 5 highest bidders at an auction next month. She'll just get upset and use some words we aren't supposed to hear.

Cameron: Yes, my ears are burning just thinking about it. Let's go watch the squirrels with Buddy.


  1. I knew people that had cloned bulls, cows, dogs, goats and cats. Colors were not the same as the donor's and personalities were way different. Most didn't live long at all and all had health problems.
    I'd rather look at the beautiful grave makers with pictures of my sweeties when we were hapilly playing; the good years. And then just cry remembering the ones that made my heart like it is.

  2. Hi guys!

    I agree, cloning is just wrong! God created us all to be unique, and none of us should be the same. My humans say it's just wrong to clone animals. It's God's job to create, not ours.

    Instead of cloning other animals, it would be much, much better to give homes to animals who don't already have any!


  3. Our staff loves us! That is why they would never clone us! Cloning is stupid and harmful and sparky is right: much better to give homes to animals who are there already!
    P.S. Don't forget to go to our wedding reception blog and post your picture!

  4. I agree. Cloning a dead pet is just wrong when the money could be much better spent taking care of the animals who are already here.

  5. We still miss Whiskers terribly, but a clone Whiskers wouldn't really be Whiskers. And there are so many cats and dogs that need homes, much better to open your heart and home to them then try to hold on to something that is gone.

    I actually thought about trying to find a cat that looked like Whiskers (not a clone) to adopts, but realized no matter how much it looked like him, it wouldn't be him. So we have Scylla & Charybdis who look nothing like Whiskers, but Scylla acts like he did.

  6. There can only ever be one Daisy. When I am gone, I hope my Mommie will look to welcome a completely different cat into her home.

  7. We totally agree. As painful as it is to say goodbye we must move forward. We told Mom we want her to rescue more in our memory. Sort of like paying it forward. She can keep us in her heart forever after we move on to The Bridge.

  8. Yes, dis would beez awful if sumbuddy cloned all da onez dat haz come before us. Dere wouldz be no room!!!!

  9. We're with you.
    Besides... you can't clone our DYNAMIC personalities! HA ROOOO!
    Play bows,

  10. yup - good job guys - cloning is stupid and a big waste of money

  11. ohh...cloning, why should one waste so much time, energy & cash only for that silly thing?

    there are others -many- abandoned, neglected furry friends who still need a loving home furr all of them....

    we believe every living thing is unique, and cloning may can create the same look from outerside, but not the innerside:(

  12. I don't want to be cloned!!! Mum says it reminds her of a scary movie called Pet Cemetary....I won't watch scary movies with her, but she says it is a freaky one.

  13. A clone is just a drone! Just say "No" ! (unless you can clone stinky goodness fer an unlimited supply!)

  14. Ohmigosh, why do people wanna clone kitties and woofies? The creature might look the same, but it won't really be the same as the original!
    Plus, don't many clones have health problems?

  15. Cloning is just wrong, for pets or humans! We are all unique and I agree the money would be better spent to make life better for the thousands of furries out there in the shelters and streets.

    Much as we love each other I hope and am sure that when my time comes for me to join the others over the Rainbow Bridge SS will open her heart to another furry, just as she has done to me, her first kitty, a stray.

  16. Me, too! What all of ya'll said!


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