Sunday, May 04, 2008

Going Cruising

Charlie, Momo & Charlotte
Photo by Momo

Charlie, Charlotte and Momo crossed the ocean in the HiJinx and met us in the Butterfly Memorial Garden, a favorite picnic spot of Socks, Charybds and Scylla. It is such a lovely and peaceful place that we almost hated to leave. But we had a busy day ahead, so after a leisurely picnic and an invigorating nap, we went on to activity number two on our list - lunch!

Photo by Momo & Sassy

We had a small meal at Mary Mahoney's restaurant, which is close to where the boat was moored on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. (Well, we thought we were having a small meal until the long tables we'd moved together broke apart under the heaping trays of food.But, hey, there were 17 of us and we were hungry!) The weather was lovely, so we ate under the Patriarch Arch in the courtyard.

After lunch, we walked the short distance to the boat and piled on. What a luxurious boat. No wonder our Australian friends traveled by sea. We cruised around the Gulf of Mexico for a while, and then set a course to visit some friends.

Photo by Sassy.
Front of boat l-r: Socks, Momo, Sassy, Rusty & Opus
In pilot house l-r: Asta & Roscoe
Back of boat front row l-r: Karl & Ruis
Back of boat back row l-r: Emil & Mrs Oz
Scylla's up top with the net. She wanted to catch a seagull for an evening snack. Or even a flying fish. Anything fresh and tasty.

Our first stop was in Cocoa, Florida, where Zoolatry's Maggy & Zoey were patiently waiting to welcome us with a little wine, cheese, bread and grapes. There is something about water spray hitting one in the face that works up an appetite. The refreshments were a welcome sight and we enjoyed every bite.

Photo by Zoolatry

Our next stop was to see Daisy the curly cat. We all admire Daisy for her sense of fashion and she didn't let us down. She was wearing the cutest perky white sailor suit and hat.

Photo by Sassy.
l-r: Charlie, Charlotte, Charybdis, Pinot & Momo

Daisy waved good-by as we sailed on to Samantha and Tigger's in Daytona Beach, where the had a picnic prepared for us. We couldn't stay too long, though. We still had another stop to make.

All aboard!
Photo by Sassy & Zoolatry

We left Samantha & Tigger's and went on to our last stop of the day, Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping and little Gracie's in Northern Florida. I didn't know them very well, so it was great to meet them face to face and to get to know them as individuals.

At the end of the day, exhilarated but exhausted, we all needed a long nap.

Be sure to visit Charlie ... Sassy ... Momo ... Opus &Roscoe ... Karl, Emil, Mrs Oz ... Ruis ... Charlotte ... Asta ... Momo dog & Pinot ... Socks, Charybdis and Scylla ... and Rusty (That's me.) and read their versions of our cruise.

(s) Rusty/JFF


  1. That sure looks like fun! My mom goes on cruises a lot but she leaves me at time she should bring me too!

  2. wow that looks like a really fun cruise! We bet you really enjoyed it.

  3. Oh that's just too cool! I wonder if I could find a Siberian Cruise Ship. We could set sail to places with snow even in the middle of summer!

  4. Woohoo1 Isn't it just nice to be out in the open sea? Had such fun playing deck games with furriends and visiting new ones.

  5. Oh what a fun day we all had. It was great getting together with our friends. Was especially nice getting to know Rusty without having to share him with all of his brothers and sisters. Be sure to stop over to see what I, Sassy, might be up to tonight on the boat.
    Sassy, Opus & Roscoe

  6. Hi! What a wonderful day to be out and about in the boat! The sun is warm and we are having such fun on deck.

  7. It is so great to be cruising around with good friends! And visiting other good friends! What a nice trip this is....

  8. Hi Rusty, we brought some of Mommy's leave in conditioner with us if you want to borrow some for your furs Your are right salt air is drying. ~Scylla & Charybdis

    I am still trying to figure out what my favorite dish is at Mary Mahoney's I think we will have to go back so I can try them again. Want to join me Rusty? ~Socks

  9. That looks like such a fun thing to be doing on a nice spring day.

  10. Rusty
    It suwe was gweat to see you on the cwuise..wasn't that fun??
    I'm glad i got clean aftew all fow all my fwiendses, that gawden was too pwetty to show up diwty
    smoochie kisses

  11. very cool :-)

  12. Thanks for visiting! I am always looking for a good opportunity to wear my sailor suit!

  13. That's so cool. I wish we had an ocean here!
    Play bows,

  14. Hi Rusty!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggy!

    I was Simon Cowell too in the contest! WRONG!

  15. Oh what fun! Pinics and boating!!!

  16. That looks like a great cruise!!!! Love A+A

  17. Thankyou for coming around and wishing my SMS a happy birthday. She was working till 11pm that night. Good thing Momo and I brought something back from our cruise for her to eat. We celebrated all day for her!

  18. What fun! Be sure to use your sunblock!!!

  19. Oh yes, I go outside when it's sunny and when I am under supervision. Our little house is quite old. It's cold and dark inside and the back sunroom is the only place where the sun filters through, especially in winter. That's where I spend most of my time except at night when I sleep in SS's room.

  20. You sure had a lot of fun, eh? Man, that cruise must have been grrrreat...


  21. KC said...
    O, your cruise looks grreat, what an adventure.
    Sure did enjoy you stopping by and celebrating wif us.
    You guys are tha bestest.
    Purrs, KC

  22. what great fun you all had! i think you'll be sleeping many many naps to recover!

  23. Oh, my goodness: that's fantastic. I had no idea that you all were such posh travelers. Silly me.

  24. Stoppin in to let you know what a pleasure it is working with Cameron on the set of CCSI III. He is the greatest and always fun to be with. You might want to check things our at my place or Karl's. Seems that there were photos taken of some of the cast members having maybe how should I say this a little bit too much fun. Knowing your gang I was thinking that maybe Cameron might be in one of the photos. Not sure what any were doing though.
    Sassy & The Executives

  25. Well, it looks like everyone had fun! Dat's great!

  26. Fun,fun,fun!!! We cats are so good at that!! See ya at Criz's party!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  27. woof's JFF, me wented to da pawty...dey shure had sum pawsome food eated like a little piggy...and me luvssss liztinis...

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  28. Well dats looks likes it waz a killer krooze. Iz you sleepin' it all off now? I sure would be if I hadz had dis big of a partee weekend. In factee, I might justee abouts fall offa my deck chair!

  29. What a cruise ship and what a crew! :D
    p/S: Thanx for the reminder about the surprise party over at Criz's, our 1st party and Mbean just lost her memory there!
    Purrs and Headnudgies,

  30. Arggg, welcome to Key West. We are glad you stopped by. If you get another chance stop by for our special welcome to our friends aboard the Hi-Jinx. If we known you were stopping by today, we would have had it ready sooner.

    Essex & Deacon

  31. Looks like a really fun cruise!


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