Thursday, May 22, 2008

Molly the Shetland Pony

We received an email today with a wonderful story and photographs. We can't post it because Jan says we are supposed to use links, not use someone else's story/pictures without permission. And since so many emails are nothing more than someone else's work "borrowed" (a polite way of saying "stolen") without permission, they don't contain contact information or identify the source.

But this story is so good we just have to post it. So we did some research. First we went to and checked to verify the story is true.

Then we read several blogs and sites on the subject. We searched the videos at YouTube. And now we are ready to post the story.

Molly the pony was left behind during Katrina. Eventually, she was taken to a rescue farm. There she was severely injured when attacked by a rescued pit bull. She survived, but lost a leg. Have you ever heard of a 3-legged pony ... wearing a prosthesis?

You can read some of Molly's inspirational story on The Jurga Report. The Jurga blog entry announces the book, Molly the Pony, but don't let that deter you. It gives you some background on Molly.

When you have read a little about her and how extensive her initial wounds were, her story becomes even more amazing.

This is a video made by the LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine and Molly the 15-year-old Shetland Pony is the star. It is well-worth taking a few minutes to watch.


  1. What an amazing pony!! Fank you for sharing the good news and the video.

  2. Oh, poor Molly! What an awful time: as if losing your house in Katrina wasn't bad enough. I can't believe what the LSU vets managed to do for her: that's just incredible.

  3. w00f's JFF, that is truely amazing...thank u fur sharing this video wiff us all...

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  4. Wow, Molly really is amazing! She's had a tough life, and I can't believe how much strength she has to continue on... Thanks for sharing the video!


  5. Thank for sharing this amazing video about Molly. That was such an inspiring story! We really enjoyed watching it.

  6. Thanks for sharing Jan. The story made our day!

  7. What an amazing pony.

    Many pets had to be left behind by their owners during Katrina and many had very sad fates.

    The rescue worker Mommy got S & C from thinks that Scylla & Charybdis' birth Mother was probably left behind during Katrina. Many of the houses in the area where the cat lived were destroyed. The owners would come back and get what they could but sometimes their pets wouldn't come out of hiding because they were traumatized by the hurricane and the owners would leave thinking their pet had perished in the storm.

    Mommy's friends cat was left in their utlity room. When they went back the utlity room window was broken by the flood water and Mommy's friend was very afraid her cat had drowned. But the cat came back many weeks later. She was very scared for a long time, but Mommy's friend was very patient with her and they are happy again.

    Mommy & Daddy took me and Whiskers with them when they left. We had to live in the Grandparents utlity room until we could come back home. Cause the Grandparents don't let cats in their house. ~Socks

  8. That is an amazing story...most horses do not survive..I am not prejudice, But I do not like pit bulls at all. My mum has been chased by two on separate occasions and also saw a pack of them chasing a colt and her mummy...That pony is very brave and is very special. What a lovely story....


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