Friday, August 19, 2016

Storming the Doghouse

Rusty:  Jan hates me. She honestly hates me.

Buddy:  What did she do now?

Rusty:  She left me outside Wednesday.

Buddy:  But you begged to go outside.  She told you there was a storm coming and you ignored her.

Rusty:  Yes, I asked to go out in the dog pen.  But she forgot me!  She vacuumed the rug, took a shower, worked on the computer...  She didn't remember me until almost 10 PM.

Buddy:  That is forgetful.  What did you do when the storm hit?

Rusty:  What do you think I did?  I sat in the doghouse and watched the sky light up and listened to the thunder roll as the rain poured down.

Buddy:  You weren't even damp when Jan came looking for you so you were safe and dry.  I hope the next time Jan tries to keep you inside you'll do what she tells you.

Rusty:  Why?   That was exhilarating.  I haven't felt so alive since I was a kitten.

Buddy:  You were terrified, weren't you?

Rusty:  Yes.  I cowered and shook and cried for Jan to come rescue me.

Buddy:  It's okay to be afraid.  You can cry on my shoulder if you'd like.

Rusty:  Thanks, but I plan to go make Jan feel so guilty she won't ever forget me again.

Buddy:  Is it okay if I watch?

Rusty:  Of course.  I'm about to enter Stage Right.  Come watch and learn.

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  1. My human says that reminds her of the cat before Sparkle - if there was a rainstorm and she was outside, she was almost always dry when she came in. She never could figure out how she did that.

  2. Hari OM
    MOL... ohh *ahem*... oh I mean, shame on you Rusty, for teasing poor Jan like that (but cool work on the staying dry!)... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Hmmmm, I smell some treats coming your way!

  4. Those cats sure can be a bad influence!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  5. OH dear Rusty. WE are glad you were so smart to stay inside the dog house until the storm passed!

  6. Have a great weekend - and stay dry ;-)

  7. Can't wait to read more about your plan to make Jan feel guilty and how it worked out (mol).

  8. Yikes. Sorry you got left outside in that storm, Rusty. That must have been scary, but you are such a smart guy for taking refuge in the doghouse. And for using your experience to make Jan feel guilty. ;)

  9. Oh, Rusty, you know where to hit soft spot. You poor, poor, bedraggled, damp, frightened, miserable, safe in the dog house kitty.
    How smart of you to go in the dog house. But I'll bet you are going to make Jan PAY!!! I would have been so scared because I HATE thunder.

  10. Goodness Rusty, you're a furry brave kitty to stay out in the storm. We realize you didn't have much choice, but even so....

    Have a great weekend efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. Poor Rusty, that must have been scary.

  12. We're glad you found the dog house and stayed dry ! This must have been so scary ! Purrs

  13. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel playd rusty gilt is a treemendus motivaytor for hyoomans!!! it leeds to cuddels and treets and hoo nos wot other gud things!!! ok bye

  14. We havent been "forgotten" out in the rain in years, but there have been a couple times TBT dint KNOW it was raining. While we dont have a doggie house ta hide in, TBT is wise enough ta leave a few places that are sheltered. But he is thinking of building us a cat house unner the deck stairs "just in case".

  15. Good thing you knew to go inside that doggy den Rusty!


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