Monday, August 15, 2016

Seven Dollars and Change

Micah:  We've been very busy for a while snoopervising Jan, so please forgive us if we haven't been able to leave comments as often as we would like.  She is way behind in everything.

Merci:   Evidently humans creak and groan and yelp and crackle when they get old and have to prune trees and cut parts of a lawn by hand.

Micah:  She's finally recovering but the yard is on steroids and she is constantly having to swing a grass whip.  You wouldn't believe it to look at the lawn, though. 

Merci:  Our bushes haven't been cut back yet this year.  There are all kinds of things growing among them and they're riddled with those horrible vines with thorns. 

Micah:  All this has to be cut back from the house. She tried to tear out some of the thorns the other night and injured her leg on a pipe hidden by overgrowth. 

Merci:  To give Jan incentive, Marcus suggested we hide a hundred dollar bill in the bushes, but we checked Jan's wallet and she doesn't have one we can steal ... er, borrow.  Cyndi said two ones and a five wouldn't have the same attraction.

Micah:  What about change?  Did she have any change in her wallet?

Merci:  Yes, thirty-seven cents. 

Micah:  How much encouragement do you think we could provide her with for seven dollars and thirty-seven cents?

Merci:  We might encourage her to remember where she keeps the tools.

Micah:  Well, that's a start.  Where did she put her purse?

Merci:  You do realize we would be robbing Jan to pay Jan, don't you?

Micah:  Of course.  I read somewhere  that's how high finance works.


  1. "I read somewhere that's how finance works." You're very astute, Micah! You should be running for president!
    That's Purrfect

  2. Our yard is a complete jungle. My humans have ignored it all summer

  3. Hari OM
    ... I knew there was a reason I bought my new place without a yard... I commend you, 'farmers', for at least thinking that Jan would be the better of an incentive - but pawhaps just a little bit of snuggling and kissies to sooth the aches would be just as good??? Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. MOL, you sure got a handle on finances! Here's hoping your bribe works!

  5. Oh, you guys are SOOOOOO funny. Robbing Jan to pay Jan. Hilarious. Gotta watch those vine-covered pipes though...How about hiding a martini with 3 olives in the bushes?

  6. So good to know that y'all completely understand finance! Have a great week!

  7. Snorts. That's how finance works. That is totally true. Of course, I always borrow dad's credit card to pay mom. I don't think he's caught on yet. Snorts with piggy laughter. But those bushes - I'm feeling you! Mom talks about our bushes in the front yard as well. She just shakes her head and says tomorrow. XOXO - Bacon

  8. We understand Jan's reluctance about the bushes. We need to do some flower bed maintenance too but it's just been TOO hot and Mom just doesn't have the energy at all to even being to tackle it.

  9. I think you need to find Peter and rob him to pay Paul, I mean Jan.

  10. Your lady must have a green thumb
    Lily & Edward

  11. MOL! Tell Jan we understand. Something my Dad is behind on getting behind.

  12. I never seem to catch-up...I think I just forget stuff. Take care of Jan. ♥

  13. Yeah, TBT twisted up a knee real bad in April and is just walkibg around normally this month. Meanwhile, the backyard jungle has gone crazy-growing. He says it will take a year ta catch up...

    Be sure ta come ta my 6th Birfday Pawty tomorrow 16th! It may be our best yet... ~ MARLEY

  14. You all certainly seem to have a firm grasp on how high finance works...

    Hugs to you all, and to Jan, too!

  15. Hah-hah!! That would be funny to see you sneak $$ out of the wallet to pay her back:)
    Yup, you would be good politicians, LOL!

    The petcretary has a kind of jungly mess in one part of our yard too. At least as far as she knows there are not any thorns in it though.
    Our back woodsy area is fur sure a huge overgrown disaster. Just right fur varmints so MJF wants to keep it that way...sigh...


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