Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weapon of Mass Mowing

Percy:  Well, we would have had a post for today, except Jan moved a picture and then spent the next hour searching for it, tried to move it back, and searched again while muttering some no-no words at Winton.

Buddy:  You remember Winton (No Problem).  Oh, how Jan wishes we had reverted back to Win 7!

Percy:  It seems Winton only likes to play on his terms.  Otherwise, he packs up his left click Start menu and right click taskbar and leaves in a huff. 

Percy:  Jan says he's a bully.  She's very happy with the programs we use and doesn't want to use MSN apps to coordinate with other devices.

Buddy:  We don't have other devices.  And we've been talking to ourselves without help since long before Winton arrived.

Percy: We suggested Jan take some karate lessons so she can kick Winton's butt, but she said she swings a mean grass whip to mow the lawn so he'd better watch out!

Buddy:  I wish you hadn't said that.  Now I have this mental vision of Jan racing - slowly because she can't breathe when she walks fast! - down the street after a faceless bully while waving a lawn and garden tool.

Percy:  I can't thank you enough for planting that image in my mind too!

Buddy:  Happy to share with you.  Oh ... you were being sarcastic.

Percy:   Yes.  It's time to shut Winton down for the night.  If I see your legs waving in your sleep, I'll know you're chasing after Jan and her weapon of mass mowing in your dreams.


  1. Hari OM
    I admire Jan for not having shown Winton the window exit long before this... maybe the piccie is sitting on Cloud 9..??? hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Cookie's mum here: I also HATE Winton and had Best Buy set my newest laptop so that it acts like Win 8!!!! Much easier to use!!

  3. Oh boy....that Winton guy sounds awful!!! We hope Jan tames it soon!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Oh that sounds like fun...NOT!

  5. Oh my dawg! Poor Jan BOL
    Lily & Edward

  6. I switched to Macbooks in 2000 and have not found any reason to switch back.

  7. guys....tell jan if her can get TWO her fotoz...ta save em over at shutterfly ~~~~~~ troo lee....♥♥♥ they bee all wayz ther & all wayz reddy

  8. I hate Win 10 and didn't give my computer the okay to download it. They said I can change it back via the settings but the one to change it doesn't work. How convenient got Win 10! It's going to cause me to get a Mac when I can afford one. 😄

  9. I have yet to see anything good about Windows 10.

  10. Ugh! Winton sounds like a real troublemaker. Kudos to Jan for being so patient!

  11. Winton is a DEVIL in disguise and yes, you did fine without him in your life!!! Love the image of Jan and her grasscutter. Wonderful. So Jan-like.

  12. That image of the scythe with Miss an reminded the petcretary of when sh was younger...the lady 2 doors down would sometimes get angry and chase the hobo she was feeding out of her yard by shouting and wielding a big broom, Oh MY! (She took pity on that hobo and fed him quite often, not sure why she felt compelled to chase him away...though he always came back, BOL!)


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