Monday, August 29, 2016

Boiling Weekend

Buddy:  You won't guess how we spent our weekend!

Cyndi:  Yes, I will.  I was here.

Buddy:  I wasn't talking to you.  I was talking to our friends reading this.

Cyndi:  Does that mean I can't tell them?  I mean, you asked the question; I should get to answer.

Buddy:  Oh, go ahead. 

Cyndi:  We spent the weekend watching Jan boil water and pour it into containers when it cooled.  We have water bowls and pitchers in the fridge, on the table, and even in the bathroom so Jan can brush her teeth and take sponge baths.

Buddy:  She "washed" her hair Saturday night with boiled (not boiling) water and apple cider vinegar - no shampoo.  Dishwater gets a few drops of bleach and dish soap and are rinsed with boiling water poured from a teakettle.

Cyndi:  So far Jan has managed to rinse the dishes and not her fingers.

Buddy:  A boil water notice for this area was put out by the city Friday morning because of a leaking water main but Jan learned of it by accident on Facebook Friday night.  So she boiled water and hoped our water wasn't affected since we had all been drinking it.

Cyndi:  Saturday morning a boil water notice was put in her door.  Soon she saw a man taking a water sample from the new fire hydrant.  He said they were sending in samples hoping for a one day turn around so the boil water could be lifted Sunday afternoon.  Yeah!

Buddy:  But wait!  Sunday morning the same line broke in a different place and was repaired. 

Cyndi:  It's hot and humid here.  Pots of boiling water make the house hotter and more humid.  This makes all of us more thirsty.  Thus, Jan has to boil more water to fill our bowls.

Buddy:  She's not complaining, though.  Not as long as there is any potential for contaminated water that could make us ill.

Cyndi:  You'd think she would build a fire in the dog pen, since there's no grass to catch fire, and boil the water outside.

Buddy:  That sounds like a great idea.  Let's suggest it to her!

Late Sunday night update -
Cyndi:  Whoo hoo.  Jan just saw on FB that the Mayor posted a message lifting the boil water notice.  The bacteriological survey showed our water is safe.

Buddy:  She'd do the happy dance but she's so tired she'd probably have to do it face-down on the floor. 

Cyndi:  That sounds like a good idea to me.  She can do the happy dance on the floor.  We'll take the bed.


  1. I'm glad that didn't go on for too long. We all drink bottled water here - can you believe my human once flew to Japan 20 years ago, and on her return flight to Los Angeles, the crew told the travelers not to drink the water because it was hard and unpleasant? She thought that was crazy, coming to her home country (supposedly a first world country) and being told not to drink the water! So it's been bottled water ever since.

  2. Ugh, that's no fun. Especially in the summer when it is already hot and humid. Glad the boil order is over now.

  3. Oh no, that must have been horrendous!!! We have those filter jugs here and bottled water too, as our tap water tastes like metal - uggghhhhhh!

    Glad your water issues are all sorted now :)


    Basil & Co xox

  4. Hari OM
    I can understand boiling the drinking water - not for all the rest though; unnecessary work, that. Two decades ago (yes last century!) Sydney had a city-wide and genuine E-Coli contamination and we had to boil our drinking water for several weeks. I (and many others) found that the taste of the water was so much better, as it got rid of all the fluorine and chlorine taste; so have boiled my drinking water ever since - even here in UK. In India, I got a copper-lined jug which keeps the boiled water beautifully.

    Anyway, glad you got through your little crisis unsick, if a little thirsty. Glad you had Jan to make sure of it!!! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Mum tries to always have some bottled water here in case of any problems with our boiler.

  6. wow guys, that is tough to bear!

  7. Good heavens, I can't believe what a chore that must of been!!! I hope they get that mess sorted out.

  8. Ok that is not to exciting BOL
    Lily & Edward

  9. That is no fun at all. It seems like a lot of cities are having trouble with breaking water pipes, one more sign of how much work the infrastructure of our country needs. Glad your water is back to acceptable.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Dang, and I thought the techy stuff was a pain the the butt!

  11. Boil advisories are scary. We haven't had one butt several surrounding areas have. Glad yours is over.

  12. Well, I hope she added some bouillon cubes to the batch shecwas cooking when the All Clear notice came in. A nice little flavor for your drinking pleasure, haha.

  13. We sure hope the water tests safe and Jan gets over her boils!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. That reminds me - we live in a hurricane zone and there's a bunch of storms out there! Thanks for the sideways reminder to put up so water!!! BTW - glad your water situation is boiled out!!!

  15. We hope your water is turned back on soon!

  16. That sounds like a big inconvenience. I am thankful to have a well.

  17. Poor Jan! That sounds like an awful lot of hot work. Glad to hear the boil advisory has been lifted and your water is safe again.

    Have a great week efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  18. That sounds dreadful, especially because of your already hot weather. Glad to hear your water is safe to drink once again!

  19. Ugh we have had to boil before and it is NOT fun! So glad that it was lifted quickly!

  20. Glad it didn't last too long, else all of you would have boiled away...

    We are happy to know you didn't get sick.

  21. Wow, what a way to spend the weekend. Glad that's over with though, I bet!


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